What we do

TFN is a fresh approach to capacity building for grassroots non-profit organisations and social enterprises. Our vision is a more equitable society with a social sector that has access to the connections and resources it needs to thrive.

We harness the power of live crowdfunding events and facilitate deeper donor connections with the community through skilled volunteering, mentoring and learning forums. Many social entrepreneurs and grassroots non-profits struggle to access the networks and resources that can help their programs grow. At the same time, people and businesses with the resources and willingness to help often find it difficult to connect with these programs and the people behind them.

TFN brings these two groups together to find, fund and grow social programs that create big change at all levels of society. We do this two ways: via our public events program TFN Live and our capacity-building services and workshops TFN Learn.

Our mission is to build the capacity of grassroots non-profit organisations, by helping to democratise giving and by facilitating greater community engagement.