Our impact

34 events in five states and territories

129 grassroots NFPs funded

$4.5m facilitated ($3.3m at TFN + $1.2m leveraged afterwards)

4,404 guests

913 direct introductions between guests and NFP leaders

40+ event hosts and partners

(Figures at Nov 2016)

Download our 2014 Annual Review here.
Download our 2015 Annual Review here.

We talk about TFN being transformational, not transactional. Our guests and presenters alike consistently say that the TFN experience is about so much more than fundraising.

For guests, it’s a fun and accessible way to expand their insight into contemporary social issues and to be inspired by the social innovation at work all around us. The very intimate connection to NFP leaders and other guests stimulates conversations and creates new relationships based on purpose and passion.

For the NFPs, our professional pitch coaching helps to better articulate what they do, enabling them to more successfully secure funding from other sources in the future. And publicly presenting their important work creates new networks and access to valuable pro bono resources, not to mention the incredible sense of confidence that public endorsement engenders. 

We regularly publish stories about the progress and achievement of the grassroots organisations funded at TFN events. And in addition to the headline figures above we have an evaluation framework in place to capture other quantitative and qualitative data, so that we can continue to learn and demonstrate what impact TFN is having on our mission to build the capacity of these organisations and broadening the culture of giving in Australia.

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