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The first TFN event was held in London in 2002. It was the brainchild of Dr Frederick Mulder CBE, an art dealer specialising in 19th and 20th century European prints. Who, along with three friends and fellow donors, recognised they could have a greater impact on the issues and causes they cared about by pooling their funds than each of them could achieve on their own.

Since then, TFN groups have been established in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Singapore, Serbia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Romania and the United States. Between them, these groups have hosted more than 150 events based on the same simple yet innovative model and raised over AUD $13 million for 1,200+ charitable organisations. Dr Mulder has attended and made pledges at many of these events. He remains a central figure at TFN global and continues to work tirelessly to spread the model around the world.

(Note – all figures are correct as of Aug 2016).

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