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  1. 'TFN was so much more than just the event. The interview and coaching processes have pushed us to nail the essence of the issue and the solution. That feels powerful. Our effectiveness in communicating our work has been multiplied. But the event ! . . . That was fun. I really appreciated the opportunity for conversations with people I would not usually get a chance to meet, and their tangible belief in the value of our work.  Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to be part of this'.

    Susan Stanford
  2. ‘TFN can engage people in philanthropy who might otherwise not see themselves as having the resources to give. The message that you don’t have to be rich to give is very important’

  3. 'The concept of TFN has to be experienced. Connecting to an audience, not just for the money, but to bring our visions and our dreams to a network of such caliber. It was simply something we could never have achieved being a grass roots charity.  The team at TFN were with me every minute of the way through this amazing process and now, through helping to fund our orphanage, they will be with me in every child’s smile'.

    Susan Saleeba
    Nakuru Hope
  4. ‘A truly collaborative model that democratizes giving...’

  5. 'Pitching Milk Crate Theatre's work at the recent TFN event was such an extraordinary opportunity for us, with funds raised well beyond what we had hoped for. The training and support provided by TFN in preparation for the event was excellent and has equipped us with skills that we will certainly utilise in the future. Probably the most fantastic thing about the evening was the opportunity to meet so many individuals who are passionate about social change, and to connect with and share our work and passion with them in a really targeted and open way. The whole concept behind TFN makes giving fun, accessible, vibrant and inclusive and we were thrilled to be a part of their Sydney event'

    Maree Freeman
    Milk Crate Theatre
  6. ‘…the most unique philanthropic event I have ever seen.’

  7. 'As a grass roots international organisation, the power of TFN was so much greater than we ever expected! What we received was a new way to tell our story through expert pitch trainers, introductions to a network of new funders, exposure to like-minded people, and the opportunity to share the stage with truly amazing people. The icing on the cake was the unexpected amount of funds raised which will be critical to supporting the important work that we do'.

    Abarna Raj
  8. "A TFN event introduces people to philanthropy in an accessible way. There are also some interesting parallels between the TFN format and constructing investment portfolios: both are about due diligence, taking a portfolio approach, assessing the management of each venture, and then investing for success. A TFN event delivers all that in just one evening".

    Private Wealth Adviser
  9. ‘A game changer for philanthropy in Australia…’

  10. 'The Funding Network is a very exciting new donations platform and 1 Million Women is very proud to be chosen as a project in their inaugural Sydney event. Lisa and her team have made  the process of both donating and receiving so inclusive and simple that this dynamic model will no doubt add a significant new arm to the philanthropic landscape in Australia'

    Natalie Isaacs
    1 Million Women
  11. ‘A great way to raise pooled funds for grassroots programs...’

  12. 'I speak for the whole Fighting Chance team in saying how impressed we were with the TFN event, the concept behind the organisation and the philosophy that you're crafting through your work. As I said on the night, it's extremely rare for organisations like ours to have the chance to connect with people like yourselves, so it's very hard to describe the value we can take from these opportunities. And not just the monetary value...the opportunity to share our work and our vision for change is simply priceless. I can only imagine how much work has gone into getting TFN into a place where it can offer the sort of opportunity you gave to us last week, so I just wanted to thank you all for what you're doing, and wish you all the best with the development of this wonderful platform. If there is anything I or the Fighting Chance team can do to give back, please just let us know. We'll be there'.

    Jordan O'Reilly
    Fighting Chance
  13. ‘The model is extremely well delivered, efficient and understanding of the needs of the projects and the philanthropists in the room'

  14. ‘TFN has potential to complement new or established workplace giving programs and offers opportunities to engage directly with projects staff care about’

  15. "The reason I got involved with TFN was to partner with my clients in a worthwhile, different and enjoyable experience. I’ve been to three events now and I felt a unique magic in the room each time. That magic is not lost on our clients, they have all said what a great night they are".

    Private Wealth Adviser
  16. "The Social Studio is very grateful to have been involved in this TFN event. Whilst it was nerve-racking in the lead-up, it was an amazing experience and to receive such support from everybody on the night – I’m still in awe. I can’t believe how much we raised. I also feel very fortunate to have received the level of support offered in preparation for my pitch. This experience has laid the foundations for any future pitch or speech I have to deliver. Thank you and I hope others can benefit from this as I have".

    Susan Yengi
    The Social Studio
  17. "The chance to present DMA's work at The Funding Network was not only a great way to raise important funds, but also an opportunity to spread the word. It's often hard for small organisations to be heard, but on this occasion we had 6 minutes to explain our work to an engaged and interested room full of potential supporters. It was exciting to see those potential supporters turn into actual funders as they pledged to our organisation. The support we received from TFN in the lead up to the event really helped us to pitch our story in the most engaging way and to see ourselves from an outsiders perspective. Huge thanks go out to TFN for helping us to connect with their members, who are engaged, passionate and interested in effective philanthropy".

    Sarah Barton
    Disability Media Australia
  18. "TFN is a fantastic experience from start to finish. From the disciplined approach applied to the pitch, through to being in a room of passionate people looking to create positive change. The matched funding from Creative Partnerships Australia has also allowed greater impact for the money raised on the evening. The event gave us the opportunity to refine how we speak about our work, succinctly and powerfully But perhaps of greatest benefit was the opportunity to build relationships with others who are passionate about creating change. We really appreciated the opportunity to take part in such a fun, energetic evening. Thank you".

    Katherine McLean
  19. "The Funding Network event was a truly awesome opportunity for Heaps Decent. It’s rare that we get to speak about the work we do to a room full of interested people, who are there because they’re genuinely concerned about social issues and want to play a part in making change. This is a great platform for sharing information, making contacts and realising support that wouldn’t otherwise happen. And we were well prepared and encouraged by the TFN staff. The pledges went beyond our expectations and will support Heaps Decent’s project work in Juvenile Justice centres over the year ahead. A huge thanks to everyone who made this happen".

    Andrew Levins
    Heaps Decent
  20. “I think this is the best run program I have ever had the pleasure of presenting for. The amount of effort the TFN team put into our presentations ensured it was a well-rehearsed presentation on the night. Every presenter was amazing. We learnt so much! The best thing was the spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect among the presenters, and the generous, friendly atmosphere - money cannot purchase that. One large funder sat behind me and has promised more funding on the next round. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would get so much in one night. The team are amazing. Rob especially became father to all of us. We are so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you TFN.”

    Norma Tracey