Canberra, Wednesday 11 September 2019

Our 3rd TFN Live in Canberra took place on Wednesday 11 September, hosted at the Vibe Hotel at Canberra Airport. 

The event allowed our guests to discover the work of three innovative grassroots organisations doing incredible work in and around the ACT.

The night raised over $82,000 for these organisations. To fulfil your pledge, please go to this page. 

Event partners: 





Please note that 10% of funds raised is retained by TFN in agreement with the NFPs pitching as a contribution to our operational costs.

  1. Project #1: Bus Stop Films

    Bus Stop Films was founded in 2009 to offer people with disability the opportunity to learn about filmmaking through an accessible film studies program. Since then, the organisation has expanded its scope to give people from all marginalised and diverse communities the chance to discover filmmaking and create films that voice their experiences. Bus Stop runs workshops, excursions and mentoring programs, all led by professional filmmakers and industry experts to give students a holistic learning experience. They are pitching for funding to take their Accessible Films Studies Program to Canberra in 2020, allowing Canberra-based students with disability to undertake filmmaking classes and create a short film using professional equipment and studios. Find out more:

    Meet the presenter: Tracey Corbin-Matchett, CEO, Bus Stop Films
    Tracey has over 20 years’ experience in policy, stakeholder relations and communications roles, working across areas including social housing, women’s domestic violence services, small business education and the film and television industry. Tracey is a mum of three and passionate about diversity, inclusion and connecting people.

  2. Project #2: The Farm in Galong

    The Farm in Galong is a post-rehabilitation facility for women leaving drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. The organisation’s goal is to provide a ‘Therapeutic Community’ where residents are given vocational and training opportunities to prepare for independent living. The Farm itself spans several acres and is situated in a peaceful, rural setting, providing residents with a quiet and secluded environment to consolidate their recovery. They are pitching for funding to hire an on-site counsellor to assist and train residents to work towards their own recovery, bringing together mothers, their children and extended family.


    Kate Cleary, CEO, The Farm in Galong
    Kate has been working with marginalised women in Canberra for the past seven years. The Farm grew out of her informal outreach to women in Canberra who needed support as they recovered from drug and alcohol addiction. Kate is especially passionate about working with women whose children are in out-of-home care, with a goal to reunite them with their mothers where possible. 

  3. Project #3: Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation

    Launched in 2012, the Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation aims to brighten the lives of children – and their families – who are living with serious and long term illnesses in the ACT. The organisation has already offered support and assistance to 700 local families, delivering a wide range of programs including respite care, financial support and bereavement support. Many of the children the organisation supports have chronic and life-limiting medical conditions, with limited access to learning and socialisation. They will be pitching for funding to enable these children to attend school with a specialised support worker by their side.

    Meet the presenter: Suzanne Tunks, CEO, Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation
    In 2010 Suzanne lost her daughter Stella following a nine-month health battle. Suzanne launched Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation after experiencing first-hand the challenges faced by families living with serious childhood illnesses. Two years ago, she opened the Stella Bella Children’s Centre, a childcare facility offering specialised respite and occasional care for chronically ill babies and children.

  4. Project #4: Optional donation to TFN