Melbourne, Tuesday 3 June 2014

Thanks once again to local hosts PwC, and to our event partners for this occasion Creative Partnerships Australia. Our first Melbourne event of 2014 was a fitting return to the city following our pilot last year. Four arts-intervention organisations presented their important and inspiring work to an audience of about 80 people who all gave generously...

Every organisation reached their target and over $45,000 was pledged in total. This will now be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia to a stunning total of over $90,000. As always, thanks go out to everyone at PwC; the presenters, staff and their advocates; and of course, all the generous donors in the room.

See photos from the event and watch the pitches.

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Creative Partnerships Australia’s programs foster and facilitate long-term business development of, and encourage giving to, Australia’s arts, cultural and creative industries. In partnering with Creative Partnerships Australia, we have designed a unique brief for the organisations invited to be nominated for this event, in addition to TFN’s standard selection criteria. We’re referring to them as “Arts Intervention” non-profit organisations.

What is an “Arts Intervention” non-profit organisation?
An organisation that uses creative or artistic endeavor for the social or environmental benefit of others. You could argue that all art is of social benefit. But in this context, and when combined with TFN’s standard selection criteria, we mean an artistic project or activity with a deliberate mission to achieve a positive social or environmental outcome.

“Creative Partnerships Australia is supported by the Australian Government through the Cultural Development Program of the Ministry for the Arts, Attorney-General’s Department”. 

  1. Project #1: 100 Story Building

    100 Story Building is a not-for-profit centre for young writers that supports children and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse and marginalised backgrounds by helping them to develop their literacy, confidence and sense of belonging. They do this this by fostering their creative voice and providing opportunities to have their ideas shared and respected.

    Watch Lachlann Carter's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $21,300

    800x400 Read 100 Story Building's Application Form
    800x400 Review 100 Story Building's Financials

  2. Project #2: Outer Urban Projects

    Outer Urban Projects is a not-for-profit performing arts organisation that collaborates with young people and their communities in Melbourne’s culturally diverse, artistically starved, outer northern suburbs. They aim to create art that has maximum social impact by providing ongoing employment, social and creative engagement, mentoring and education opportunities for young people.

    Watch Irene Vela's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $20,300

    800x400 Read Outer Urban Project's Application Form
    800x400 Review Outer Urban Project's Financials

  3. Project #3: Disability Media

    Disability Media Australia is a not-for-profit organisation committed to advancing the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities. DMA creates space for people with disabilities to be seen and heard through the production of diverse and entertaining television, radio and film content that shares their stories and talents.

    Watch Sarah Barton's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $21,900

    800x400 Read Disability Media Australia's Application Form
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  4. Project #4: The Social Studio

    The Social Studio is a not-for-profit enterprise that uses the vehicle of a fashion business, (including a clothing label, retail shop and café), to create meaningful social change. They do this by providing TAFE level training, work experience and employment to members of the refugee community who have experienced barriers to mainstream education and employment.

    Watch Susan Yengi's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $27,100

    800x400 Read The Social Studio's Application Form
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