Melbourne, Wednesday 2 May 2018

Another fabulous TFN Melbourne event hearing about the stories and programs of 3 grassroots organisations supporting women and girls in Victoria. Thanks to Allens and all the guests who attended. $90,000 raised from a lively and supportive crowd, showcasing the power of the collective. Congratulations to all.

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Event partners:


Please note that 10% of funds raised is retained by TFN in agreement with the NFPs pitching as a contribution to our operational costs. This is a giving event, if you represent a nonprofit yourself and would like to find out more about TFN, contact us here

  1. Project #1: SisterWorks

    One empowered migrant women can positively impact the lives of least ten more people. SisterWorks is a non-profit social enterprise empowering migrant, asylum seeker and refugee women to become financially independent. By providing these women, who are long-term unemployed, with the opportunity to create and sell handmade products SisterWorks is enabling them to break down cultural and language barriers, gain independence, and break cycles of disadvantage including violence and welfare. They are seeking funding to develop a basic skills training program for a critical sub-group of migrant women who have been in Australia for over five years, but don’t have the necessary skills to work outside of the home.

    Meet the presenter: Luz Restrepo, Founder and CEO
    A qualified Medical Doctor, a communications expert and University lecturer, Luz arrived in Australia at the age of 45 after being forced to flee Columbia and seek political asylum. She had two suitcases, little English, no connections and little money. She felt frightened, isolated and disempowered. After discovering she wasn’t alone, Luz gathered a group of women in similar situations and began to make and sell crafts around Melbourne. As the Founder of SisterWorks Luz is now realising her dreams of empowering women to work together to support themselves. 

  2. Project #2: Birth for Humankind

    Birth for Humankind is improving maternal and child health outcomes for disadvantaged women before, during and after childbirth. Through their evidence-based education, support and advocacy programs they provide practical and emotional support to women from migrant, refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds, young mums, women experiencing homeless and disadvantage. They are seeking funds to deepen the social impact of their Doula Support Program; mobilising and supervising professionally trained volunteer doulas (birth companions) who provide bespoke and critical support for women throughout all stages of pregnancy and birth.

    Meet the presenter: Jen Branscombe, Acting CEO
    Jen is a passionate and dedicated women's health and civil and political rights practitioner with 10yrs+ experience working cross-culturally on women's rights and migrant rights' programs in Australia and internationally. As a mother of three and Acting CEO of Birth for Humankind, Jen is committed to achieving health equity for all birthing women. 

  3. Project #3: Women and Mentoring

    Evidence indicates our current criminal justice model is not designed for women. Women and Mentoring (WAM) is a unique, early intervention mentoring program that supports women charged with a criminal offence by matching them with supportive female mentors. They equip women with the skills to navigate the complex courts system, minimise the negative effects of contact with the justice system, access services to deal with the underlying causes of criminality, and empower them for better outcomes. They are seeking funds to replicate their program in Frankston, which has the second highest number of female offenders in Metropolitan Melbourne.

    Meet the presenter: Tricia Ciampa, Executive Officer
    With extensive experience in the non-profit sector, Tricia is committed to developing collaborative programs that break the cycle of social disadvantage. As Executive Officer of Women and Mentoring, she is focussing on early intervention to support and empower women in the justice system, addressing their needs and underlying issues holistically.