Perth, Tuesday 6 May 2014

Thanks to local hosts PwC and founding partner Lotterywest, our first Perth event of 2014 was a huge success. Four inspiring social-change organisations, with very different missions, captured the audience and inspired a generous result...

Nice work Perth. Over 100 guests and what a great atmosphere. In the end each of the organisations beat their target and over $45,000 was pledged in total. As always, thanks go out to everyone at PwC; the presenters, staff and their advocates; our own TFN volunteers; and of course, all the generous donors in the room.

See photos from the event and watch the pitches.

  1. Project #1: Nakuru Hope

    Nakuru Hope provides food, education, refuge and counsel to the destitute, hungry and illiterate in Kaptembwa, Nakuru, one of the worst slums of Kenya. They focus on orphaned children, rape victims and those with the HIV virus, so that medical treatments can be administered and further support can be arranged.

    Watch Susan Saleeba's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $12,050

    800x400 Download Nakuru Hope's Application Form
    800x400 Download Nakuru Hope's Financials

  2. Project #2: Dismantle

    Dismantle was founded on the belief that bicycles can be a catalyst for positive lifestyle change. The Bike Rescue Project is a ten-session, earn-a-bike program where at-risk, vulnerable and disengaged youth develop skills to fully restore two recycled bicycles in a mentored workshop environment.

    Watch Lachy Richie & Pat Ryan's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $10,000

    800x400 Download Dismantle's Application Form
    800x400 Download Dismantle's Financials

  3. Project #3: Youniverse

    Youniverse is a community of learning and practice, made up of people with disability, their families and supporters. They empower collectives to formalize and build sustainable support structures by becoming Microboards: a group of friends and family, created to support a person with significant needs, that could be related to a disability, health or ageing.

    Watch Susan Stanford's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $11,000

    800x400 Download Youniverse's Application Form
    Download Youniverse's Financials

  4. Project #4: Parents Australia

    Parents Australia works to alleviate the effects of poverty and helplessness by developing and delivering programs for parents from disadvantaged Indigenous communities in Western Australia. They focus on building interest, confidence and the capacity to engage with the learning experiences and development of children both at home and school.

    Watch Jenni Curtis' 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $11,650

    800x400 Download Parents Australia's Application Form
    Download Parents Australia's Financials