Sydney, Wednesday 29 April, 2015

Congratulations to the four organisations who pitched; One Voice, Dandelion Support Network, Fair Game and LifeCircle. This invitation-only AMP event, hosted by the AMP Foundation, featured the organisations who were too big for AMP's Tomorrow Fund individual grants program, but just right for TFN.

See photos from the event and watch the pitches.

Collectively, the audience gave $94,194 to support these important social organisations. Match funding was provided up to $10,000 per project by The AMP Foundation. 

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  1. Project #1: One Voice

    One Voice provides facilities, accommodation and support for young homeless people in Australia. They run a mobile shower service to give young homeless people a safe place to maintain their personal hygiene, to access referral services and to receive essential products and clothes.

    Watch Josh's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $27,001

    800x400 Read One Voice's Application Form
    800x400 Read One Voice's Financials 


  2. Project #2: The Dandelion Support Network

    The Dandelion Support Network is a group of volunteers who accept, sort, clean and safety check preloved nursery equipment and children’s clothes for distribution to families in need through hospitals and support agencies around Sydney. They provide essential items for babies and children under 12 to families in need as identified by social workers. Donated, preloved items are safety checked to ACCC standards and distributed to new owners, saving them from landfill.

    Watch Sarah's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised:$21,096

    800x400 Read The Dandelion Support Network's Application Form
    800x400 Read The Dandelion Support Network's Financials 

  3. Project #3: Fair Game

    Fair Game Australia inspires healthy communities through recycled sports equipment. The youth-led organisation of passionate professionals and students runs unique and engaging sports-based programs incorporating essential health messages. The team has established mentoring and volunteer training and aims to develop hubs across Australia.

    Watch John's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $23, 197

    800x400 Read Fair Game WA's Application Form
    800x400 Read Fair Game WA's Financials 

  4. Project #4: Life Circle

    LifeCircle delivers professional training which enables organisations to provide support to people caring for others at end of their life. They aim to build carer resilience and provide timely information about the dying process. This end of life support helps to prevent burnout and equips carers to make well-informed decisions without fear.

    Watch Sally's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $22,900

    800x400 Read Life Circle's Application Form
    800x400 Read Life Circle's Financials