Sydney, Wednesday 12 March 2014

Our first official event in 2014 was actually an internal one with Macquarie Private Wealth and hosted by one of our founding partners Macquarie Group Foundation. And what a fabulous start to the TFN Australia journey...

Following a dramatic afternoon with the huge fire next door at Barangaroo, the event only just went ahead. However, the presentations were sensational and the crowd pledged over $90,000, which will be generously matched by the Macquarie Group Foundation under its staff support policy, boosting the total to more than $180,000. Thanks go out to everyone at Macquarie who helped prepare for and run the event; the presenters, staff and their advocates; our own TFN volunteers; and of course, all the generous donors in the room. Outstanding!

Read more about the event in our press release: TFN Australia Off to a great start

See photos from the event and watch the pitches.

  1. Project #1: The Social Outfit

    The Social Outfit provides education, training and employment opportunities in the fashion industry to new migrant and refugee communities. We believe that tapping into the rich creativity of our migrant communities through clothing production, design and marketing can lead to empowerment and social inclusion.

    Watch Jackie Ruddock's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $41,420

    800x400 Read The Social Outfit's Application Form
    800x400 Read The Social Outfit's Financials


  2. Project #2: Palmera

    Palmera creates sustainable livelihoods and social businesses in vulnerable communities in war-torn Sri Lanka. As well as providing employment and income, these livelihoods also prevent malnutrition, enable schooling and make critical contributions to clean water, sanitation, safety and freedom of choice.

    Watch Abarna Raj's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $37,401

    800x400 Read Palmera's Application Form
    800x400 Read Palmera's Financials


  3. Project #3: Ngroo

    Ngroo aims to make early childhood education available to the one-third of Aboriginal children in NSW who are currently missing out. Our Walking Together model provides effective cultural awareness training and mentoring for non-Aboriginal staff and empowers Aboriginal communities to drive our activities.

    Watch Jan Wright's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $54,315

    800x400 Download Ngroo Application Form
    800x400 Download Ngroo Financials 

  4. Project #4: Fighting Chance

    Fighting Chance enriches the lives of young people with significant disabilities. No Australian should be prevented from pursuing their ambitions and fulfilling their potential because of disability. Fighting Chance adopts innovative training programs and social businesses that provide meaningful participation, employment and skill development.

    Watch Jordan O'Reilly's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $56,965

    800x400 Download Fighting Chance Application Form
    800x400 Download Fighting Chance Financials