TFN Virtual Live, 25 June 2020

At our milestone 100th event on Thursday 25 June together we pledged over $250,000 for three deserving grassroots organisations, with a surprise additional donation of $25, 000 to The Funding Network!

We were so pleased to partner with AMP Foundation for this special event. As a founding partner, AMP Foundation has played an invaluable role in TFN’s success and has supported us over many years.

To celebrate 100 events, AMP generously provided $100,000 in matched funding!

AMP’s Tomorrow Fund provides $1 million in grants annually to amazing Australians who are doing great things in their community. 

We heard three inspiring pitches from AMP Tomorrow Makers and together pledged support to: Dreams2Live4Autism Swim and The Pink Elephants Support Network.

Please click here to fulfil your pledge, and email if you need help.

Event partner: 


Please note that 10% of funds raised is retained by TFN in agreement with the NFPs pitching as a contribution to our operational costs.


  1. Project #1: Autism Swim

    Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are 160 times more likely to drown than their peers. Autism Swim is a multi-disciplinary and award-winning international charity, mitigating the risks associated with wandering and drowning for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); and in turn, lowering the alarming and underreported statistics. Autism Swim is pitching at TFN Virtual Live to develop a water safety game app, which will be available for free to those with other abilities all over the world, allowing them to learn vital water safety through their device. 

    To learn more about Autism Swim, visit

    Meet the presenter: Erika Gleeson, Founder and CEO 

    Erika Gleeson (GC. Autism Studies. BA. Behavioural Science and Communications)is insanely passionate about making society more inclusive, and enhancing the quality of life of those whom she supports. She is known as the international expert in Wandering and Drowning Prevention for those with other abilities. 

  2. Project #2: The Pink Elephants Support Network

    The Pink Elephants Support Network (PESN) is the only organisation offering targeted support to those experiencing a miscarriage and early pregnancy loss. 282 Australian couples every single day face this heartbreaking reality. PESN is pitching to offer qualified bereavement counselling sessions for its community, grieving the loss of their baby. 

    To learn more about PESN, visit:

    Meet the presenter: Sam Payne, CEO & Founder 

    Sam is on a mission to ensure that no one faces the journey of pregnancy loss alone and that Australians in this situation receive the support they need and deserve. Sam is an empathetic, engaging, knowledgeable and impactful advocate for those experiencing early pregnancy loss. She speaks from the heart, sharing her personal journey as well as those of the thousands that The Pink Elephants supports. She's creating a clear call to action to inspire enhanced support for those experiencing early pregnancy loss.


  3. Project #3: Optional Donation to TFN

  4. Project #4: Dreams2Live4