Sydney, Thursday 28 March 2019

The first TFN Live Sydney event of 2019 took place on Thursday 28 March, generously hosted by King & Wood Mallesons.

Three exceptional NSW-based organisations that have come up with innovative solutions to social challenges either locally or overseas were showcased, their details are below. 

Nearly $89,000 was raised for the three organisations.

If you would like to fulfil your pledge or donate to these three organisations, please go to this page. 

This is a giving event. If you’re from a non-profit or social enterprise and want to find out more about how we work, please contact us directly at – we'd love to hear from you. 

Event partners: 

Please note that 10% of funds raised is retained by TFN in agreement with the NFPs pitching as a contribution to our operational costs.

  1. Project #1: Arts Law

    Arts Law is Australia's only national community legal centre for artists and arts organisations. Since 2004, its Artists in the Black service has delivered targeted legal services to First Nations artists and arts organisations. By supporting our Indigenous arts community to understand the legal and business issues around their work, the service empowers them to generate better income streams, develop stronger business practices and take action against exploitation. An essential part of this work is providing services ‘on country’ to foster relationships of trust. They are pitching for funds to scale this outreach service so they can continue to support First Nations artists in culturally appropriate ways. Find out more:

    Meet the presenter: Robyn Ayres, CEO, Arts Law
    Robyn is the CEO of Arts Law and is responsible for establishing the Artists in the Black service. She is committed to ensuring that artists and arts organisations properly understand their rights as well as their legal responsibilities and are fairly rewarded for their creative work. Prior to joining Arts Law, Robyn spent a significant part of her legal career working to achieve social justice for different groups in the community. 

  2. Project #2: Forever Projects

    According to the World Health Organisation, 20 women die in childbirth each day in Tanzania. Many others are too sick to breastfeed their babies but can’t afford to buy formula milk, which is equivalent to one week's wage in Tanzania. Forever Projects works closely with these families, who are at risk of being unable to care for their children, by providing formula milk and housing support as well as education in hygiene, caregiving and tailored business training. They are pitching to expand the reach of their program to support more families by providing them with food essentials, crisis support, training and business education. Find out more:

    Meet the presenter: Mark Dombkins, Strategic Director, Forever Projects
    Mark shares his time between teaching high school mathematics and his role as strategic director at Forever Projects. He has taught at schools in Australia and Tanzania, where he lived with his wife and family between 2010-13. He adopted three children from the Forever Angels Baby Home and later became involved in their community programs, known as Forever Projects, which aims to empower families to provide and care for their children. Mark leads the Australian team who raise funds for this work in Tanzania.

  3. Project #3: Life Changing Experiences Foundation

    Life Changing Experiences Foundation’s mission is to help Australia's most marginalised girls grow into strong independent women. Through its SISTER2sister mentoring program, the foundation has supported over 500 vulnerable teenage girls, known as “Little Sisters”, to build resilience and learn to break cycles of abuse or neglect to turn their lives around. All staff, presenters and volunteer mentors undergo extensive training to ensure they can provide the right support and encouragement to the girls who are referred to the program. They are pitching for funds to train and grow their network of mentors so they can expand their reach and offer the SISTER2sister mentoring program to girls who need it most. Find out more:

    Meet the presenter: Jessica Brown, Founder & CEO, Life Changing Experiences Foundation
    Jessica started her career as a high school music teacher, where she first noticed disadvantaged students slipping through the cracks of the education system due to circumstances out of their control. Inspired to make a difference, she founded Life Changing Experiences Foundation in 2003 with a vision to help marginalised girls grow into strong independent women capable of taking their place in the world.