Sydney, Thursday 5 March 2020

Thanks to all our guests who braved the weather to join us for our first TFN Live Sydney of 2020, generously hosted by Macquarie Group and supported by Accenture.

At this event, we heard from 3 organisations addressing issues of social disadvantage for young people aged 13-25. The amounts pledged to each organisation were:

Congratulations to our presenters Norm, Assmaah, Mariam, Julie, and Faith who all did a wonderful job sharing their stories. Finally, to everyone who came along to take part in another unforgettable evening of collective giving, thank you. Together, we can continue to do more, act more, give more and change more.

If you haven't done so already, please fulfil your pledge. TFN is a registered DGR1 charity so all donors, including Foundations, can pay via the link. BPAY and EFT options are also available.


Please note that 10% of funds raised is retained by TFN in agreement with the NFPs pitching as a contribution to our operational costs.

  1. Project #1: Beddown

    According to Beddown, 8,000 vulnerable people sleep rough every night across Australia. Approximately 1,800 of these are young people. Beddown tackles this by taking spaces that are commonly busy during the day but vacant at night, such as car parks, and repurposes them into nightly pop-up accommodation to ensure those who are sleeping rough have a bed for the evening. It also partners with service providers that offer shower and laundry services, food, clothing and health and wellbeing support. Beddown is pitching at TFN Live Sydney to launch a pilot in Sydney for youth guests aged 18-25, following a successful pilot in Brisbane.

    To learn more about Beddown, visit


    Meet the presenter: Norm McGillivray, Founder, Beddown
    Norm has worked in a range of fields spanning automotive to government and non-profit. After his father was impacted by homelessness, Norm was inspired to challenge conventional thinking to address homelessness in an innovative new way. In 2018, he launched Beddown.

  2. Project #2: Creating Chances

    Creating Chances supports at-risk young people aged eight to 18 years to reach their full potential through a combination of sport and peer mentoring. Delivered by qualified coaches, mentors and young facilitators, Creating Chances’ unique program uses sports to explore personal development, community building, social change and post-school pathways. It will be pitching for funding to expand its program into four high schools in South West Sydney.

    To learn more about Creating Chances, visit

    Meet the presenter: Assmaah Helal, Operations & Programs Manager, Creating Chances
    With over 10 years’ experience in youth development, sports for social change, advocacy and leadership across diverse communities, Assmaah has been instrumental in the development of Creating Chances as a social enterprise and leads the planning, design and implementation of its programs. Assmaah is passionate about social justice and finding innovative solutions for youth issues.

  3. Project #3: Making Tracks Far West NSW

    Based in Broken Hill, Making Tracks supports young people who are disengaged from mainstream schooling, training and have significant welfare challenges. Seventy per cent are experiencing homelessness, 95 per cent have at least one identifiable health issue, and the majority have been in contact with the legal system. The organisation takes a holistic approach to improving engagement, functional life skills and education for young people through a specialised program. At TFN Life Sydney, it will be pitching to launch an employment program that provides young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to gain meaningful work.


    About the presenter: Julie Gill, CEO, Making Tracks Far West
    Julie is an experienced teacher with over 18 years’ experience. In 2017 she completed a Master of Educational Research, earning the Executive Dean’s Award. She is passionate about making positive, sustainable differences for youth and the community.

  4. Project #4: Additional Donation to The Funding Network