Sydney, Wednesday 21 October, 2015

On October 21 a lively audience came together to donate over $105,000 to the four outstanding social entrepreneurs who are doing important work in the community. Many thanks to everyone who pitched, pledged and participated, and to our event partner who made the evening possible.

See photos from the event and watch the pitches.

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  1. Project #1: Raise Foundation

    Raise Foundation provides school and community-based mentoring programs for vulnerable young Australians facing profound challenges in their lives. BUMP is a program for young pregnant and parenting girls (aged 13-23). Through 30 weekly sessions, conducted by a more experienced mother, the participants are equipped to flourish as individuals and as empowered mothers.

    Watch Vicki's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $31,303

    800x400 Read Raise Foundation's Application Form
    800x400 Read Raise Foundation's Financials

  2. Project #2: The Footpath Library

    The Footpath Library (TFL) encourages the benefits of reading and connection by giving quality books to homeless people through libraries installed in hostels and community organisations, as well as mobile libraries. TFL is pitching for funding to establish a Bibliotherapy literacy program in homeless hostels in Sydney.

    Watch Sarah's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $22,800

    800x400 Read The Footpath Library's Application Form
    800x400 Read The Footpath Library's Financials

  3. Project #3: The Red Room Company

    The Red Room Company (RRC) is dedicated to creating unusual and useful poetry projects through imaginative learning programs in schools and correctional centres. TFN funding will support the delivery of an “Unlocked” literacy program in remote NSW prisons, with a focus on positive expression, self-confidence and cultural reconnection.

    Watch Tamryn's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $24,500

    800x400 Read The Red Room Company's Application Form
    800x400 Read The Red Room Company's Financials

  4. Project #4: Tribal Warrior

    Tribal Warrior was established to spread and vitalise Aboriginal culture by providing economic and social stability through specialised training programs leading to employment opportunities in the maritime industries. Leading on from the successful Senior Mentor program established in 2009, Tribal now is looking to the next generation who are ready to give back to their communities by becoming the first round of Junior Mentors.

    Watch Shane's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $30,750

    800x400 Read Tribal Warrior's Application Form
    800x400 Read Tribal Warrior's Financials