TFN Virtual+, 30 March 2021

TFN's first hybrid event took place on 30 March 2021, generously supported by the AMP Foundation and AMP Tomorrow Makers initiative. We raised over $280,000 in support of three amazing non-profits; Plate it Forward, the Generous and the Grateful & DeadlyScience. Thank you who all those who attended and the many incredible pledges we received.  

To re-live the magic, you can watch the event here. Please fulfil your pledge here. If you have questions, please email

Please note that 10% of funds raised is retained by TFN in agreement with the NFPs pitching as a contribution to our operational costs.

  1. Project #1: Plate It Forward

    Plate It Forward provides employment, meals and hope to people experiencing food insecurity and social isolation.  Through a catering company, restaurant-quality meal donation program, community kitchen and an employment and training school, they support the most vulnerable while building pathways to career and business ownership.   They are pitching to provide paid employment opportunities for vulnerable community members, who will be trained to prepare the food delivered back to their peers through the meal donation program. 

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    Meet the presenter: Shaun Christie-David, Co-Founder, Plate It Forward

    Shaun has over 15 years in finance, sales and social enterprise. He is passionate about enabling individuals to be their truest self through increased opportunities. Prior to founding Colombo Social and Plate It Forward, Shaun built the Aboriginal Health TV Network with the Federal Government, a channel dedicated to improving the health literacy of First Nations People.

  2. Project #2: The Generous and The Grateful

    The Generous and the Grateful turns housing into home for some of the most vulnerable amongst us so that they may survive, and then thrive. They support survivors of abuse, homelessness and persecution, ensuring they have key household goods like a bed, fridge, table and sofa, which benefits both people and the planet by reducing unnecessary landfill. They are pitching to expand their ability to connect excess with need as they continue to increase efficiency and meet demand. 

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    Meet the presenter: Carmen Platt, Co-Founder & CEO, Generous & The Grateful

    Carmen has a passion for rolling up her sleeves when she sees someone having a hard time. Through her experience as an advocate in Mums4Refugees, Carmen realised that there was a clear need for key household goods in a hurry so people could get on with rebuilding their lives. Carmen quickly gained a loyal following of community members and was recently named the 2021 Ryde Citizen of the Year. 


  3. Project #3: DeadlyScience

    DeadlyScience aims to provide STEM resources and mentoring to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and remote schools across Australia. To date, it has shipped over 16,000 books, 500+ telescopes and resources and engaged in over 700 hours of virtual lessons. They are pitching to expand their tech capability to deliver lessons to remote communities and to put STEM resources into Languages for the first time ever.  

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    Meet the presenter: Corey Tutt, Founder & CEO, DeadlyScience

    Corey is a proud Kamilaroi man and 2020 NSW Young Australian of the Year. When Corey found out there were remote schools in Australia with hardly any STEM resources, he set out to make change. Corey’s passion for Indigenous education has been recognised through various awards including the CSIRO Indigenous STEM Champion 2019, ABC Trailblazer 2019 and 2020 Eureka prize finalist.

  4. Project #4: Optional Donation to TFN