Who we support

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TFN partners with grassroots charities, non-profits and early-stage social enterprises that aim to achieve positive social change, meaning that they have the potential to create enduring positive transformation for individuals, communities and society over the long term. More specifically, TFN supports organisations that aim to do one or more of the following:

Social issue areas that TFN supports include: homelessness, living with physical or mental disabilities, mental health, education and employment, crime reduction, social and economic exclusion, social justice and welfare. 

If you would like to recommend an organisation or social entrepreneur to TFN please refer them to this website or Contact us.

Crucially, every application must be endorsed by an advocate who is willing to provide a statement of support on the application form. If the organisation is selected as a finalist that advocate will speak briefly in support of the organisation at the event and make the first pledge of $300 or more.

There are no restrictions on the location or beneficiary groups that TFN will fund, including overseas programs. However, the organisation must be based in Australia and usually in the State which is hosting the event.

TFN supports grassroots organisations that would be defined as small to medium-sized, where the amount of funding we raise at a TFN event would make a genuinely useful contribution. Specifically, this means organisations with an average income of $1,000,000 pa or less over the last three years.

TFN supports applications from organisations for core funding, however, they must demonstrate clearly how this will enable them to deliver their work and how the impact of the funding will be assessed.

Although TFN’s primary focus is to partner with grassroots PBIs and registered charities, we will consider applications from non-registered charities (social enterprises, aboriginal corporations, community associations), as long as their constitutional primary purpose, and the program for which they are seeking funding, are clearly providing benevolent relief to identifiably disadvantaged members of the community. They will need to provide a copy of their constitution or other founding document when applying.

TFN does not support organisations that involve the direct and/or specific promotion of any religion or party political views. However, a religious or political organisation may apply for funding for a project if it is for the benefit of the entire community (e.g. a church may apply for funds for a nursery group that is run on its premises for disadvantaged children regardless of their faith or that of their family).

TFN does not accept applications from programs that are primarily focused on the environment or animal welfare, except where there is a direct social outcome relating to one of the issue areas above.

TFN does not accept applications from crisis appeals, overseas aid, health research or applications from individuals.

Organisations applying must have strong leadership and a deep understanding of their theory of change for communities.

Applications from organisations who do not meet these criteria will, unfortunately, not be considered. Please note TFN alumni are not eligible to pitch if they have already presented at a TFN event within the previous two years. 

General Guidelines

Organisations applying for a TFN event are assessed by the selection panel using broadly the following criteria:

Vision & Capacity

Impact & Sustainability

Funding & Partnerships

Is it innovative?

Is there a genuine need?

Are the beneficiaries involved in the program or activity itself?

Has there been sound field research and testing?

Is the leadership team credible, including their management and governance?

How many people does this program or activity benefit?

Does it empower community adoption?

Is it sustainable?

Is it scalable? To what extent?

What are the risks?

Is there a sound financial evaluation? 

Is the strategy and financial analysis convincing?

Is the strategy long or short term?

How will $10K impact the organisation?

How will the funds be spent?

Can they demonstrate a return on investment?

Is the presenter passionate and compelling to an audience?

Are there any current or potential collaborators to support scalability?


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