TFN Live Melbourne, Tuesday 11 October 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the next TFN Live Melbourne, is taking place on Tuesday 11 October 2022 at Blue Rock, Level 2, 525 Collins Street (The Rialto), Melbourne

This special live crowdfunding event will spotlight the life-changing work of three remarkable grassroots NFPs creating a positive change for women and/or girls in Victoria.  Prison Network;  Her Space; and Fitzroy Learning Project.

With three inspiring non-profit leaders set to share their incredible stories, and generous matched funding thanks to Be Blue RockWheelton Philanthropy and The Vasudhara WildWomen Fund, this is set to be an uplifting evening of laughter, fun, storytelling and generosity.

Tickets will be available online shortly. In the meantime, if you would like to express your interest in coming along, please get in touch and we will add you to our guest list.

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  1. Project #1: Prison Network

    Prison Network has been providing support to women in Victorian prisons, and their families, for over 75 years. Prison Network journeys with women in and beyond prison, providing the support and courage they need to navigate positive pathways and create change. For women who have often experienced life long hardship Prison Network aims to be a source of hope, dignity and purpose, ultimately reducing recidivism and inter-generational cycles of criminal activity and poverty.

    Find out more here

  2. Project #2: Her Space

    HerSpace is a not-for-profit organisation offering free wellbeing and mental health recovery services to women survivors (16yrs and over) of exploitation in Australia. Exploitation (also known as modern slavery) includes all forms of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced labour, debt bondage, deceptive recruitment for labour and forced marriage.

    3 arms of service:
    1. Wellbeing & mental health recovery services that involve individual and group counselling for women survivors and holistic support to address other practical needs.
    2. Education, training & advisory on recognising and understanding the issues and impacts of exploitation in Australia and best practice therapeutic support for survivors.
    3. Research and advocacy services offering evidence on exploitation and best practice support for survivors. There is a global gap in research on therapeutic support for women survivors of exploitation that must be addressed.

    Find out more here

  3. Project #3: Fitzroy Learning Network

    Established in 1985, Fitzroy Learning Network (FLN) is a Neighbourhood House, a Learn Local Centre, and a Registered Training Organisation.

    FLN is the heart of Fitzroy and is a place where refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and those living on the public housing estates of inner Melbourne find support and where they can learn and connect.

    Fitzroy Learning Network inspires people to be active citizens contributing to a fair and inclusive community. We do this through:-
    * practical support and access to advice and resources,
    * a learning program that spans short courses, open access, learn local and accredited,
    * responding to need [food relief, agency referrals, citizenship preparation]

    Find out more here