TFN Live

Our flagship live crowdfunding events build bridges between business, philanthropy, everyday Australians and the social sector to transform compassion into action. These events provide a platform for grassroots non-profits to share stories of impact, build support and raise vital funds.

TFN Learn

TFN offers our proven event model and pitch coaching workshops to other non-profits and those wanting to fund charitable work. We support non-profit clients and foundations to run their own ‘powered by TFN’ crowdfunding events by sharing our expertise and methodology.


We are pioneers in finding and funding exceptional grassroots non-profits and social enterprises.

The Funding Network is a catalyst and amplifier of more than 300 emerging charities and 2,000 leaders. Over the past 10 years, TFN has facilitated $22 million for the non-profit sector. We vet and guide the organisations we work with through shortlisting to presenting and then provide ongoing support so that the people who donate to them have confidence in their impact and will continue to give to grassroots programs.

How do we make a difference?

The Funding Network provides a platform to raise funds and create connections and the confidence, training and support necessary to fuel growth, enabling Australia’s brightest social entrepreneurs to move closer to their dreams of a more equitable future.