TFN Alumni Opportunities

Every non-profit organisation that participates in one of TFN’s flagship events is invited to participate in an ongoing Alumni Program that offers professional development, pro bono support and new funding opportunities so they can remain efficient, effective, and viable post-event. This ongoing program plays a significant role in supporting Alumni on their path to becoming thriving, sustainable organisations. 

Alumni are invited to participate in a series of thought leadership events and workshops throughout the year, with topics chosen based on their needs. In addition, we have a number of  alliance partnerships with organisations that provide access to their services at no cost.

Keen to find out more? Our Alumni are invited to make an appointment with our Purpose & Impact Coordinator Madeline Alderuccio to discuss how our network can offer support. 


  1. Allens Logo 6
    Pro Bono Legal Support

    Allens help a range of organisations with a focus on human rights, LGBQTIA+, mental health, homelessness, First Nations (reconciliation) and domestic violence.
    Allens also provide support for organisations around the legal requirements of volunteers and intellectual property rights including trademark protection, governance and policies.


  2. Baker McKenzie
    Pro Bono Legal Support
    Baker McKenzie

    Baker McKenzie focus on a broad range of organisations that support children’s rights, equity and opportunity for vulnerable populations e.g. fighting domestic violence, protection of LGBTQ+ youth and strengthening communities and justice systems.


  3. data for good grey
    Database Support

    Data4Good supports organisations to get more insights out of their data by helping organisations to arrange, collect, migrate, amalgamate and use their data. This may be used to support their internal systems or likely will be implemented to support organisations to track and share their impact. 


  4. Kilfinan Australia
    Kilfinan Australia

    Through TFNs partnership with Kilfinan Australia (KA), CEOs (or equivalent) are offered ongoing free executive mentorship. The mentor and mentee work together throughout the year to address development areas bespoke to the individual mentee. KA’s unique, personalised matching process, refined over the past 10 years, has a very high rate of success.

    Kilfinan also has an emerging leaders mentor program where they are matched into long term mentorships with skilled executives from the business, public or the social sector.


  5. Tanarra philanthropic 2
    Commercial and Financial Advice
    Tanarra Social Purpose

    Tanarra Social Purpose (TSP) provides probono commercial and financial advice to progressive charities and enterprises, the sort which is usually only available to the corporate sector.  They help shift organisations from good to great, by sharing their business skills.  TSP is known for asking the tough questions, being a wise sounding board and providing practical and tangible advice to CEOs and Boards. 

    TSP regularly works with TFN Alumni on specific projects such as

    • Shaping and sharpening strategy or business model.

    • Improving financial models and efficiencies

    • Improving governance and transparency

    • Predicting and managing risks

    Have a look at some of their projects


  6. vu consulting logo
    PR and Communications
    Vu Consulting

    Vu Consulting  is a boutique PR and communications team of senior experts driven by impact. Each consultant brings years of experience working with technology, corporate, NFP, social enterprise, and B2B organisations to build brand awareness by cutting through the increasingly complex and noisy media landscape. Up to 50% of its work is pro bono to accelerate social change and they also offer low bono support to selected non-profits.