What is TFN Live?

The power of the collective comes to life at TFN Live, our high-energy, high-touch live crowdfunding events held across Australia that bring together people and organisations committed to the greater good.

Amidst COVID-19 restrictions, The Funding Network has adapted our live crowdfunding model to ensure we can continue to support our partners to raise vital funds and achieve their program goals. We have pivoted to a new format delivered via Crowdcast and have been hosting successful virtual events since late April. 

Our events inspire laughter, tears, connection and generosity for innovative programs with the power to change lives. Anyone can attend and pledging starts at $100. 

  • TFN identifies grassroots non-profits and social entrepreneurs with innovative solutions and invites them to apply.
  • We consider each application, undertake due diligence on finalists and convene an independent selection panel to choose three to pitch at a TFN Live event.
  • TFN then provides professional pitch coaching to selected organisations so they can share their stories in inspiring and engaging ways. We offer pre-event check-ins to ensure presenters are confident with their pitch.
  • We create memorable and inclusive storytelling experiences that connect non-profits with those seeking to contribute time and money to compelling causes and spread the joy of giving to even more Australians.

Who we support

TFN partners with grassroots non-profits and early-stage social enterprises that have the potential to create positive change for individuals, communities and society over the long term. 

Specifically, TFN supports organisations that aim to do one or more of the following:

  • Address issues of social inequality in the areas of poverty, sickness or disadvantage
  • Find a better solution to an underlying social problem
  • Pilot innovative solutions to social issues, with the potential for expansion

Social issue areas that TFN supports include: homelessness, living with disability, mental health, education and employment, crime reduction, social and economic inclusion, social justice and wellbeing.

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"My first event just blew me away. I thought, ‘where have they been hiding and why haven’t I been to one before?’ ."