White Label events

Through our White Label events, we upskill non- profits and businesses on how to deliver their own live crowdfunding experience powered by TFN. These fee-for-service offerings deliver the additional benefit of helping TFN reduce our dependance on philanthropic support so that we can continue to deliver on our mission. 

Our White Label service guides you through the process, including event management, pitch coaching for presenters, MC services and support on the night. You benefit from everything we’ve learned over the years about putting together a stellar crowdfunding event.

Who is this model for?

  • Non-profits looking to forge new donor relationships and raise funds in an engaging and progressive format;
  • Businesses and corporates seeking ways to deepen staff and clients’ involvement in CSR or workplace giving programs;
  • Charitable foundations hoping to build the capacity and raise the profile of their grantees and leverage their support through match- funding;
  • Government entities who want to showcase community programs and involve like- minded constituents in collective giving or participatory grantmaking.

For each pilot white-label event we’ve run to date, each organisation has secured vastly more funding than it had anticipated, whilst deeply engaging donors and forging new funding relationships. When you compare this to the real cost of running big gala fundraising events, TFN’s white-label service is less demanding on staff and has a competitive price point, which has the potential for a far greater return on investment. Download a PDF flyer to find out more, or email us at info@thefundingnetwork.com.au

"Our first white-label event [with TFN] turned out to be our most successful fundraiser ever,
introducing us to 22 new leads and doubling our gross profit from a single event. Doing it a second time, we made 25 per cent more than we did the previous year.
We were thrilled."