What is TFN Learn?

To bring even more people together for good, TFN offers our live and virtual events model, pitch coaching and impact storytelling workshops to the broader philanthropic sector, companies and local government.

Since 2013, TFN has brought together 20,000+ people to collectively facilitate more than $22.5 million for almost 500 non-profit programs. We have held 158 events across Australia, including 32 virtual and hybrid events during the pandemic raising over $5 million (and counting!). TFN has hosted over 50 private Powered by TFN client events for companies and larger charities, that have generated over $6.5 million for charitable programs. We’ve also upskilled over 2,000 non-profit leaders and social entrepreneurs through more than 200 workshops. 

Profits from our Powered by TFN client events and pitch coaching workshops provide a sustainable revenue stream for TFN to fund our mission.     

Powered by TFN Events (Virtual, Live & Hybrid) 

We upskill and support corporate and non-profit clients to run their own live crowdfunding events ‘powered by TFN’ by sharing our expertise, methodology and key elements of success.

Pitch Coaching Workshops 

Our workshops help social change leaders perfect the art of pitching and storytelling, ultimately to engage new audiences and secure more funding.