Giving Heroes Virtual Live, Saturday 18 June 2022

A global and Australian first, Giving Heroes is a platform that connects young people with causes they are passionate about and supports them to be active changemakers. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all the kids and families who logged on to join our first Giving Heroes Virtual Live Crowdfunding Event on Saturday 18 June 2022!

We are honoured to have witnessed such amazing young people who worked so hard to raise funds and donate their time and money to three inspiring charities!

Together, we raised $42,046 (and counting!) for three non-profits helping kids across Australia!

The amounts pledged were:

A special thank you to our funding and matching partners, Waratah Education Foundation, The Snow Foundation and Australian Communities Foundation, for their wonderful support and generosity and to our promotional partners, Philanthropy Australia, Kids Giving Back and Kids in Philanthropy.

Thank you and congratulations to Juliette, Bronwyn, Susanne and Ruby for giving us all a chance to learn more about your life-changing work helping kids.

If you haven't already, you can fulfil your pledge on our website. If you were not able to join us on Saturday, you can watch the replay at this link.

Thank you to everyone that joined our Giving Heroes Virtual Live Crowdfunding Event - with every dollar raised your Giving Hero has helped kids in need have a better life!


  1. Project #1: Eat Up

    Eat Up delivers school lunches to kids when they might not be able to get one from home.

    Some families can’t afford to buy food, which means kids arrive at school without lunch. But Eat Up makes sure that no child goes hungry. For every $10 raised by a Giving Hero, Eat Up will be able to buy 10 lunches.
    Find out more at

    Find out more at

  2. Project #2: The Pyjama Foundation

    The Pyjama Foundation makes sure that kids who cannot live with their families feel loved and cared for.

    Some kids are not able to live at home for lots of different reasons. Pyjama Angels spend time with them, read them books or help with their homework. Every $20 raised by a Giving Hero will go towards helping kids get matched with Pyjama Angels.


    Find our more at

  3. Project #3: Stella Bella Foundation

    Helps sick kids in the hospital, and at home, have more fun and feel less scared.

    Some kids may be sick and need a lot of treatment to help them feel better. Medical procedures can sometimes be scary. Stella Bella Foundation helps kids to feel braver and stronger. For every $20 raised by a Giving Hero, Stella Bella can help a sick child with special gifts, Little Star Beads to collect on their medical journey, and help their family too.

    Find out more at

  4. Project #4: Optional donation to TFN