Melbourne, Thursday 6 April 2017

What a lovely private event hosted by Myer Family Company in Melbourne! The evening showcased three global change-makers with an International focus, as well as an opening keynote from nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, with match-funding generously provided by the Peter Hunt Family Foundation, English Family Foundation and Eureka Benevolent Foundation. A superb outcome for all involved!

Congratulations to: Grameen AustraliaKokoda Track Foundation; and The Manjeri School Project.

See photos from the event and watch the videos.

Event Partner:

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  1. Project #1: Grameen Australia

    Manila Social Biz hub 2

    Grameen Australia builds on the legacy and proven model of Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Using the power of social business, they empower families living in extreme poverty to create sustainable wealth for themselves and jobs for their communities. To continue to build on their legacy, Grameen Australia are seeking further support for the commencement of a Microfinance Centre in the village of Hulo in Pililla, Rizal (Philippines) under the Manila Social Business Hub. The activity will support 40 women entrepreneurs with training, on-going mentoring and loan capital, which would be recycled every 6 months at affordable interest rates.

    Watch the 6 minute pitch

    Read their Impact Report

  2. Project #2: Kokoda Track Foundation

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    Kokoda Track Foundation (KTF) is an international aid organisation working to support communities in Papua New Guinea to help overcome some of the tremendous challenges they face today. KTF aims to make a tangible impact in the lives of the most vulnerable by addressing issues such as the 6.3 million people who simply struggle to meet their basic needs as a result of living without access to electricity. For KTF to continue with their important work, they are seeking financial support to further develop solar energy supply chains throughout remote PNG communities, with a specific focus on empowering women to establish and manage operations selling solar muscle lights and recharging services, providing them with the literacy, business and technical skills they need to establish successful micro enterprises.

    Watch the 6 minute pitch

    Read their Impact Report

  3. Project #3: The Manjeri School Project

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    The Manjeri School Project partners with local leaders in rural Uganda who are passionate about education in their communities. They work together to build high quality schools that are 100% sustainable within a set time frame, which is achieved through the investment in local enterprises that cross subsidise costs of these schools. To compliment the work in building infrastructure, Manjeri is seeking funds to invest in their Manjeri Mixed Farm; a social enterprise agribusiness that generates produce to supply the school kitchen, as well as cash crops and fish to further subsidise the costs of the school. The funds would be used to purchase a pick up truck to move produce, equipment and provide accessibility to local markets; removing the need to have to constantly rent vehicles.

    Watch the 6 minute pitch

    Read their Impact Report