Melbourne, Tuesday 2 December, 2014

Congratulations to e.motion21, Good Cycles, Mayibuye and Team Wild Yachting, who were all selected by our panel of members to pitch at the TFN Melbourne event on Tuesday 2nd December. Thank you also to our event hosts Eluvia and the AMP Foundation for a wonderful evening.

$64,000 was raised on the night! Congratulations to all the presenters, and thank you to everyone who supported them.

Read all about the night here: The Power of Aggregation and Multiplication

See photos from the event and watch the pitches.

  1. Project #1: e.motion21

    e.motion21 provides evidence-­based dance and fitness programs specifically for young people with Down syndrome. Through performance-­based activities and community engagement, they enhance lives and change perceptions of Down syndrome within society. e.motion21 run a project called Moving Bodies, which aims to move both bodies and boundaries. They provide specialised movement and performance programs in every community in which people with Down syndrome live.

    Funds raised: $15,400

    Watch Cate Sayers's 6-minute pitch.

    800x400 Read e.motion21's Application Form
    800x400 Read e.motion21's Financials

  2. Project #2: Good Cycles

    Good Cycles is a Melbourne based not-for-profit Social Enterprise using bicycles to create meaningful and lasting employment and social opportunities for people and communities in need. Good Rides is a group bicycle riding program that brings people together (such as refugees, disengaged youth, people with disabilities and others) and provides opportunities to safely explore Melbourne by bicycle. Led by expert guides and volunteers, the community is connected via the humble bicycle.

    Funds raised: $13,400

    Watch Loretta Curtin's 6-minute pitch.

    800x400 Read Good Cycle's Application Form
    800x400 Read Good Cycle's Financials

  3. Project #3: Mayibuye

    Mayibuye uses performing arts to facilitate educational opportunities for young people who are vulnerable to negative peer pressures and at risk behaviour by giving them the opportunity to attend weekly dance classes in their communities. Through a one-for-one programme, Mayibuye provides classes free to disadvantaged young people in Australia, South Africa, Cambodia, Egypt, Indonesia, Brazil, India and Pakistan. 

    Funds raised: $15,400

    Watch Kumari Middleton's 6-minute pitch.

    800x400 Read Mayibuye's Application Form
    800x400 Read Mayibuye's Financials

  4. Project #4: Team Wild Yachting

    Team Wild Yachting was established to work with young offenders and at risk youth. TWY runs sailing trips to collect rubbish from remote parts of the Reef and Cape York, staffed by young people who are recruited via the juvenile justice courts or Job Services Australia agencies. They visit and clean the local environment, whilst at the same time taking part in the ROPE program (Rights of Passage Entitlement) that assists young offenders and youth to rehabilitate and become positive contributors to society.

    Funds raised: $20,300

    Watch David Jackson's 6-minute pitch.

    800x400 Read Team Wild Yachting's Application Form
    800x400 Read Team Wild Yachting's Financials