Melbourne, Tuesday 29 July 2014

Thanks to our host JBWere and the dedicated efforts of the wonderful Australian Communities Foundation team this event was another sell-out affair. It was also brilliant to see so many of the ACF fund-holder community in the audience which made for a warm and sociable atmosphere...

Congratulations to Kids' Own Publishing, Woor-Dungin, Timehelp and St Kilda Gatehouse, all of whom pitched brilliantly and inspired the generous audience to a total of $66,025. 

Read more about the event here: TFN Australia reaches $1m milestone

See photos from the event and watch the pitches.

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  1. Project #1: Kids' Own Publishing

    Kids’ Own (KO) occupies a leading position in children’s community publishing. KO focuses on giving voice to children, and involving them in all stages of conceptualizing and producing their own books.  In 2014 KO will celebrate partnerships with over 60 organisations, reaching disadvantaged children in metropolitan, regional and remote locations across Australia.

    Watch Victoria Ryle's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $10,975

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  2. Project #2: Woor-Dungin

    Woor-Dungin is a coalition of Aboriginal community controlled and philanthropic organisations, pro-bono service providers and other stakeholders. They all work in partnership enabling Aboriginal organisations to achieve self-determination and access resources to address issues affecting their communities, particularly physical and sexual abuse, self-harm, suicide and substance abuse.

    Watch Shantelle Thompson's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $11,350

    800x400 Read Woor-Dungin's Application Form
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  3. Project #3: Timehelp

    Timehelp, part of The School Volunteer Program, connects two generations: volunteer retirees with young people in schools; for education, wellbeing and community benefits.  Our vision is an engaged community helping young people to succeed. Volunteers are linked-up with students in school, committing a minimum of 1 hour a week and supporting literacy, numeracy, ESL, self-esteem building, kitchen garden, science and one-to-one mentoring.  [Update 2016: Timehelp has now merged with another state charity, The School Volunteer Program, to form a national organisation, EdConnect. Keep in touch at] 

    Watch Lisa Kingman's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $13,500

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  4. Project #4: St Kilda Gatehouse

    St Kilda Gatehouse works alongside those involved in street sex work as a result of abuse, addiction, poverty and other hardships. They provide emergency aid, counselling, advocacy, outreach, social inclusion programs and links into other services and programs; as well as support and mentoring to young women and girls at risk of commercial, sexual exploitation.

    Watch Sally Tonkin's 6-minute pitch.

    Funds raised $30,200

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