Melbourne, Thursday 22 February 2018

A fantastic first TFN Melbourne event for 2018, supporting youth employment in the local Inner North community. Thanks to all the event partners and guests who attended. Over $80,000 raised from lively crowd.

If you attended this event and pledged, please fulfil your pledge via this page.


Event partners:






Please note that 10% of funds raised is retained by TFN in agreement with the NFPs pitching as a contribution to our operational costs. This is a giving event, if you represent a nonprofit yourself and would like to find out more about TFN, contact us here.  

  1. Project #1: Carringbush Adult Education

    Carringbush works to educate and empower high-need adult learners in the Richmond and Collingwood areas, with a strong focus on supporting people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. They provide high-quality language, literacy and numeracy classes to people experiencing barriers to participation in traditional training and employment opportunities. They are seeking funding to coordinate their volunteer program, which will further support adults experiencing disadvantage through employment mentoring, English tutoring and one-on-one literacy tutoring.

    About the presenter: Margaret Corrigan
    Drawing on her passion for education and her belief it can truly change lives, Margaret is dedicated to improving the outcomes for learners who, through interrupted schooling and other disadvantages, have barriers to participation in education and employment. As the Manager of Carringbush, Margaret has over 30 years experience as an educator and is using her skills to enrich lives.

  2. Project #2: Coffee Cart Changing Lives (Crêpes For Change)

    Over 44,000 young people currently experience homelessness in Australia. When two Melbourne brothers heard that shocking statistic they decided to do something about it. The Coffee Cart Changing Lives is a social enterprise built on a simple premise; leveraging the power of caffeine to eliminate youth homelessness. They operate a mobile coffee catering service, as well as a fleet of permanent coffee carts around Melbourne that focus on providing employment and training opportunities to young people experiencing homelessness.

    About the presenter: Levi Fernandez
    With a background in sociology and working with people with a disability, Levi is committed to providing disadvantaged young people with opportunities to change their life trajectory. As the Chief Impact Officer of Coffee Cart Changing Lives, he is passionate about maximising the social impact of the organisation and ensuring they’re changing as many lives as possible for the better. 

  3. Project #3: The Bridge

    The Bridge is a community-based organisation offering diverse programs to empower some of the most vulnerable people in the Darebin community. They work to provide young people with a disability with supportive work placement and employment opportunities, so they can develop their skills and reach their full potential. They are seeking funding to employ a full-time support worker, who will play a pivotal role in running the program, ensuring its long-term sustainability and educating local employers about the benefits and importance of employing people with a disability.


    About the presenter: Chris Lombardo
    Chris has one very simple guiding principle; every human is entitled to a fair go. She has a background in community development, education, and business, coupled with a strong passion for social justice and equality. With over 15 years’ experience at The Bridge, Chris is dedicated to leading an innovative organisation that empowers individuals and communities.