Perth, Wednesday 25 March, 2015

Congratulations to the four organisations who pitched at our March 25 event; Sensorium Theatre, SYN Media, Agelink Theatre and Youth Affairs Council of WA. Their innovative programs, using arts-based interventions, inspired the audience and ensured the evening's success. Thank you to our generous supporters Creative Partnerships Australia, PwC and the Perth Theatre Trust for a hugely successful evening.

$83,975 was raised in total! Thank you to everyone who pitched, pledged or participated in the event. 

Read all about the event here: Philanthropy takes on a new twist - The West Australian

See photos from the event and watch the pitches.

What is an “Arts Intervention” program?
An organisation that uses creative or artistic endeavour for the social or environmental benefit of others. You could argue that all art is of social benefit. But in this context, and when combined with TFN’s standard selection criteria, we mean an artistic program or activity with a deliberate mission to achieve a positive social or environmental outcome.

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Creative Partnerships Australia works to increase investment in Australia’s arts sector; bringing donors, businesses, artists and arts organisations together to foster a more sustainable and vibrant arts sector for the benefit of all Australians. Creative Partnerships Australia is supported by the Australian Government through the Cultural Development Program of the Ministry for the Arts, Attorney-General’s Department.


  1. Project #1: Sensorium Theatre

    Sensorium Theatre is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of children with disabilities by sparking their imaginations through performances especially designed for them. They train educators, carers and families in sensory and creative techniques. They enable arts venues to increase social inclusion by providing disability specific shows.

    Watch Francis' 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $23,075

    800x400 Read Sensorium Theatre's Application Form
    800x400 Read Sensorium Theatre's Financials

  2. Project #2: SYN Media

    SYN is a media organisation run by a community of young people that provides broadcast and training opportunities for young Australians. SYN enables young people in rural and regional areas to access new opportunities that equip them with interpersonal, professional and creative skills that increase social inclusion, confidence and employability.

    Watch Tess' 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $20,000

    800x400 Read SYN Media's Application Form
    800x400 Read SYN Media's Financials

  3. Project #3: Agelink Theatre

    Agelink Theatre records the stories of WA seniors and enables them to be expressed in the immediacy of a theatre setting, affirming seniors' value and improving intergenerational understanding. Fifty shows based on real stories and experiences, recreating history and celebrating the human spirit have toured WA, interstate and overseas. Their motto is: “memories nourish the soul.”

    Watch Robin's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $20,900

    800x400 Read Agelink Theatre's Application Form
    800x400 Read Agelink Theatre's Financials

  4. Project #4: Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia (YACWA)

    YACWA seeks to develop a community where all young people are empowered, have a chance to share their opinions and have their human rights maintained. "Home Is Where My Heart Is" is a project that empowers homeless young people to tell their story though photographs and to raise community awareness of their experiences.

    Watch Craig's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $20,000

    800x400 Read YACWA's Application Form
    800x400 Read YACWA's Financials