Sydney, Wednesday 1 March 2017

What an incredible night at Macquarie Group. Just a brilliant experience for everyone involved. A very generous and lively crowd pledged over $400k, with $75k of Macquarie Group Foundation funding well and truly matched. Thanks to all the wonderful donors and guests, and the team at Macquarie. 

Congratulations to batyr; Bairo Pite Clinic; and BackTrack.

See photos from the event and watch the videos.

Event Partner:
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  1. Project #1: batyr

    Despite 1 in 4 young people suffering a mental health issue by the end of adolescence, mental health issues are not openly discussed and remain the ‘elephant in the room’. Mental ill health holds a stigma that prevents open and frank exchanges and is a barrier to young people getting the help they need. batyr speakers share their life experiences of mental ill health such as depression, anxiety, stress, bullying and personal health. They discuss the first hand benefits of reaching out, what avenues of support helped them and show students they are not alone and help is always available. To continue to reach more young people with messages of hope, resilience and recovery batyr seeks funding for their ‘Being Herd’ speaker training workshops. These workshops are key in training more young people to share their lived-experience of with or through mental ill-health and help to empower a generation of young Australians to not feel they need to suffer in silence.

    Watch the 6-minute pitch

    Read batyr's Application
    Read batyr's Financials

  2. Project #2: Bairo Pite Clinic

    The Bairo Pite Clinic aims to address the multitude of serious health issues currently affecting 1.3 million people in Timor-Leste, with an audacious goal to help change the health of a nation. With Timor-Leste in desperate need of primary health care, the Bairo Pite Clinic group of Australian doctors are highly motivated to provide newly-trained Timorese doctors with high quality learning environments in which to develop their clinical skills. As such, they are seeking assistance to finance the expansion of consulting rooms and a training centre, and eventually be able to pay the salaries of the Timorese doctors that they employ.

    Watch the 6-minute pitch

    Read Bairo Pite Clinic's Application
    Read Bairo Pite Clinic's Financials

  3. Project #3: BackTrack

    BackTrack employs an innovative model of engagement and community connection through programs that support the development of real life skills and pathways to employment for young people at risk from substance abuse, suicidal ideation, criminal behaviour and educational disengagement. In order to address these social problems and plug critical service gaps that currently exist in rural communities, BackTrack are seeking support for a residential program that addresses deficiencies in the out of home care system, offering care in a safe and nurturing ‘home-like’ environment on a full time basis, having a significant impact at times of highest risk of anti social behaviour and most importantly the safety of young people.

    Watch the 6-minute pitch

    Read BackTrack's Application
    Read BackTrack's Financials