Sydney, Wednesday 11 April 2018

A fantastic first TFN Sydney event in 2018, supporting 3 grassroots organisations supporting social change. Thanks to AMP and guests who attended. Nearly $250,000 raised from a generous and supportive crowd, showcasing the power of the collective. 

If you attended this event and pledged, please fulfil your pledge via this page.

The presenters for this event were three of AMP’s inspiring Tomorrow Makers at the forefront of social change. Now in its fifth year, AMP’s Tomorrow Fund provides $1 million in grants annually to amazing Australians like Lana, Diana and Simone doing great things in their community The AMP Foundation generously matched pledges on the night. 

Please note that 10% of funds raised is retained by TFN in agreement with the NFPs pitching as a contribution to our operational costs. This is a giving event, if you represent a nonprofit yourself and would like to find out more about TFN, contact us here

Event partner:


  1. Project #1: Mama Lana’s Community Foundation

    Mama Lana’s Community Foundation (MLCF) is dedicated to supporting our often forgotten homeless and underprivileged community in the Penrith region. They provide home-cooked meals six nights a week as well as holistic support to people suffering homelessness, enabling them to advance their well- being and prospects for future independence. MLCF is seeking funding to install a commercial kitchen on their new premises; to create a stable, safe and welcoming environment where people can seek regular support as well as referrals to other local organisations.

    Meet the presenter: Lana Borg, Founder
    After cooking for firefighters during the 2013 Springwood bushfires, Lana realised there were plenty of people in the Penrith area she could help. Guided by the words ‘kindness with no strings attached’, the grandmother and full-time aged care worker set up Mama Lana’s Community Foundation with her husband, Roger, to offer people suffering homelessness with a welcoming environment and a home cooked meal. 

  2. Project #2: Zara’s House Refugee Women’s Centre

    Zara’s House exists to provide a safe and supportive place, where refugee and Australian women in the Newcastle area can create shared experiences, make friends, and share stories and skills. They offer a range of support programs, including language classes, citizenship test preparation, women’s health, child development and family relationships, to empower migrant and refugee women and enable them to better settle into the local community.  They are seeking funding to run learning days for the refugee women and children who have been deprived of schooling in childhood learning.

    Meet the presenter: Sister Diana Santleben, Founder
    A Dominican, Sister Di has devoted her life to helping others. She believes “People do not forget the generosity they have been offered during their early days in Australia and their loyalty to the country that has assisted them will persist for generations.” Sister Di is driven by this passion to educate migrant and refugee women and create meaningful connections for these women in their local community. 

  3. Project #3: The Sanctuary Women and Children’s Refuge

    The Sanctuary Women’s and Children’s Refuge is one of the only refuges in the country that offers temporary crisis accommodation for women and children escaping domestic violence with their pets. The pets stay with women and children in units, which Simone and her loyal supporters have made welcoming and secure. The refuge also offers holistic support to help these women build healthy, safe and independent futures. They are seeking funding for a safe small car to transport women and their children to appointments and school, plus also to assist with the day-to-day running of the refuge.

    Meet the presenter: Simone Patterson, Founder and CEO
    Simone began her welfare career as a prison officer. She immediately recognised that domestic violence was a major social issue: services available were negligible. After gaining tertiary qualifications in Social Work, years of experience, networks and resources, Simone is now following her dream of helping domestic violence victims. Understanding that women often stay in violent relationships for fear of leaving pets behind, Simone set up The Sanctuary – a refuge that welcomes animal companions.