Sydney, Wednesday 20 May, 2015

If you want to make life better for a community you should start by investing in its women and girls, and that’s exactly what four exceptional social entrepreneurs spoke about at this incredible event. Congratulations to Kookaburra Kids Foundation, Pollinate Energy, Women's Community Shelters and Enterprise Learning Projects who all lit up the room with their passion and programs.

Thanks to the collective generosity in the room and the power of sisterhood in action, over $110,000 was raised in less than an hour for these programs supporting women and girls. A stunning result.

Read all about the night here: The Power of Sisterhood

See photos from the event and watch the pitches.

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  1. Project #1: Kookaburra Kids Foundation

    AKKF support kids living in families affected by mental illness, through their camps and activities. They are seeking funding for a program to help young women develop leadership skills, work associated proficiencies, personal self-development and career readiness.

    Watch Pamela's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $30,650

    800x400 Read Kookaburra Kids' Application Form
    800x400 Read Kookaburra Kids' Financials

  2. Project #2: Pollinate Energy

    Pollinate Energy is a not-for-profit social business with a simple mission: to improve the lives of India’s urban poor. They recruit and train local female entrepreneurs or ‘Pollinators’ who provide a door-to-door service in urban slum communities selling and servicing clean energy technologies such as solar lights and non-kerosene cookstoves.

    Watch Alexie's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $28,250

    800x400 Read Pollinate Energy's Application Form
    800x400 Read Pollinate Energy's Financials

  3. Project #3: Women's Community Shelters

    Women’s Community Shelters supports homeless women through the establishment of women’s shelters in partnership with local communities. Having recognised a strong local need, WCS is seeking funding to work with a community on the Mid North Coast of NSW to establish a shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence.

    Watch Annabelle's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $25,830

    800x400 Read WCS's Application Form
    800x400 Read WCS's Financials

  4. Project #4: Enterprise Learning Projects

    Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP) works in partnership with women in remote Aboriginal communities to develop inclusive, creative and sustainable enterprise-based initiatives that support family and community goals. They are seeking funding to provide mentoring and support for women in Minyerri community to enable them to establish and run a functioning arts, enterprise and culture centre.

    Watch Laura's 6 minute pitch

    Funds raised: $29,000

    800x400 Read ELP's Application Form
    800x400 Read ELP's Financials