Sydney, Wednesday 6 September 2017

At TFN Sydney on 6th September, we celebrated and supported three grassroots charities delivering programs that equip disadvantaged people with the right skills for the future. The event was hosted by KPMG at Barangaroo.

Congratulations to the three organisations who pitched on the night: Eagles RAPS; Kookaburra Kids; and BREED. Together we raised over $100,000 - a true demonstration of the power of collective action. 

Thanks to our event partner:


  1. Project #1: Eagles RAPS

    Eagles RAPS is dedicated to the prevention of youth suicide through the provision of education so vulnerable young people in Blacktown NSW can develop resilience in the face of life's challenges. They work with a variety of young people who have quite often endured harsh life experiences so unfathomable, their mere desire to succeed is inspiration in itself. Eagle RAPS is seeking funding to support an education program for these young people who have all come to a point where they are unable to attend mainstream schooling for various reasons. For many, Eagles RAPS has been their only chance of education and an opportunity to gain skills needed to succeed in life. All young people are individually case-managed to address barriers and issues in their lives and are supported by qualified staff and volunteers.

    Presenter: Marten Wynd

    "I believe young people deserve a chance in life". For over 20 years, Marten has been dedicated to preventing youth suicide, through education and support programs that empower young people to face life's challenges with confidence. As the President of Eagles RAPS, his aim is to provide holistic support for these young people and equip them with the tools they need to be self-sufficient, independent, and strong. 

  2. Project #2: Kookaburra Kids

    Kookaburra Kids supports children and youth aged 8 - 25 years who live in families affected by mental illness, by providing early intervention and mental health education in a fun and age-appropriate recreational and educational camp and activity day program. Funding will help Kookaburra Kids deliver a camp for high school children who live in families affected by mental illness. The camp will combine a psycho-education program, fun recreational and creative activities and, for the older children, introduction to a program that will support them as they make their way out of school to enter tertiary education and meaningful employment. Children will have opportunities to share their stories in a supportive, understanding environment and learn skills that will build their confidence, resilience and future independence. Importantly, they will have respite from the challenges at home with lots of fun and laughter.

    Presenter: Pam Brown

    Pam believes all children who live in families affected by mental illness deserve to be supported, valued and given the opportunity to reach their full potential. As the CEO of Kookaburra Kids, she works to provide intervention and education programs to help children cope with the difficulties they face and share their experiences. Pam has been recognised for her commitment to the community, as Sutherland Shire's 2017 Citizen of the Year. 

  3. Project #3: BREED

    BREED is committed to providing experiences that strengthen a young person’s employment opportunities. Through the development of transformational skills and attitudes, BREED acts as the primary conduit between disadvantaged young people and business. They are seeking support to purchase equipment for the Young Entrepreneur Programme (YEP!), that will run educational groups in areas such as photography, computing and technology, mentoring and training, and arts, craft and jewellery. The YEP program aims to provide a foundation for disadvantaged young people to create sustainable self-employment opportunities, via skills training, applied learning, mentorship and positive support.

    Presenter: Bob Turner  

    Well known for his achievements in sport, working with the Canberra Cannons and the Sydney Kings, Bob is passionate about helping over 3,500 youth each year to successfully transition to post school education, training, and employment. As the Managing Director of BREED, Bob is changing the lives of these young people, by equipping them with the right skills for the workforce.