TFN Virtual Live, Wednesday 23 February 2022

Thank you to everyone who tuned in for being part of such a special night and showing such passionate support for three incredible grassroots non-profits delivering innovative programs in Australia that support young people with intellectual disabilities. Who make a real difference in disability support, inclusion and social innovation. Together, we raised $146,250 for these innovative projects.

Thank you to all those who pledged, shared words of support, hosted giving parties and came together with loved ones. We'd also like to acknowledge the very generous support of matched funders The Limb Family Foundation and event supporters Mutual Trust.

Congratulations to Sarah, Geoff and Bianca on their compelling, passionate pitches. The amounts pledged to each organisation were:

Rollercoaster Theatre: $45,650
Australian Spatial Analytics: $55,600
All Things Equal: $45,00

If you haven't already, please fulfil your pledge. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to email us.

A big thank you to our event partners Mutual Trust for their support and The Limb Family Foundation for their generous matched funding to enable every donation on the night to go even further!

Please note that 10% of funds raised is retained by TFN in agreement with the NFPs pitching as a contribution to our operational costs

 Event Partners 


  1. Project #1: Rollercoaster Theatre

    Rollercoaster Theatre is an independent theatre company that is challenging broadly held misconceptions of disability. Its ensemble of trained actors was formed in 2006 to counter the lack of employment opportunities for people with mixed abilities within the Arts. Led by a team of professional theatre and filmmakers, Rollercoaster Theatre’s program recognises the social responsibility of art and advocates for the skills of all people, promoting social change and celebrating diverse perspectives. At TFN Virtual Live, Rollercoaster Theatre is pitching to launch a masterclass in screen acting for actors with intellectual disabilities. The program will use ground-breaking teaching techniques to provide a pathway for career and creative opportunities in screen acting.

    Find out more:

    About the presenter: Sarah Sutherland, Artistic Director, Rollercoaster Theatre
    Sarah is the Artistic Director of Rollercoaster Theatre, a not-for-profit ensemble of neuro diverse and mixed ability actors. Over the 15 years Sarah has been with Rollercoaster she has produced, directed and devised a great many productions with the ensemble including the multi-award-winning short film Comican’t. Sarah’s work with the company focuses on creating film and theatre that is truly inclusive and showcases the unique perspectives and abilities of all people. Her interest in the promotion of social change through participatory arts practice has influenced much of her work with Rollercoaster and with other marginalised communities.

  2. Project #2: Australian Spatial Analytics

    Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA) is a data solutions company that's a little different. In Australia, the unemployment rate for people under 30 on the Spectrum is 55 per cent. ASA aims to address this by harnessing the talents of young adults with autism to perform geospatial services. Alongside the technical skills the team learns on the job, ASA provides ‘wrap-around’ supports like individual goal planning and social and life skills workshops. ASA currently employs 30 people, of which 22 are neurodiverse, 22 are under the age of 30, 17 were previously long-term unemployed and 12 are in their first job. ASA is pitching for funding to hire a Social Coach to help co-design collegial and social objectives with its young employees, with the goal to create more enriched experiences for its autistic workforce.

    Find out more:

    Meet the presenter: Geoffrey Smith, CEO, ASA
    Geoff is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering young adults with disability through meaningful employment. A data analyst by trade, Geoff became interested in social enterprises when he was an executive at a disability non-profit organisation. Geoff holds tertiary qualifications in Business Management, Arts and has a Masters in International & Community Development.

  3. Project #3: All Things Equal

    Melbourne-based All Things Equal is a cafe with a difference, providing purposeful, paid employment for people with and without disability in a ‘mainstream’ work environment. Built on the belief that all people should be able to find a self-sustaining purpose in life, All Things Equal exists to bridge the gap between people with disability and the wider community. The organisation is pitching for funding to pilot a cooking school program in which participants can gain real-world healthy cooking skills in a supportive and inclusive environment. 

    Find out more:

    Meet the presenter: Bianca Stern, Operations Manager, All Things Equal
    Bianca is a trained educator and an experienced leader in the disability inclusion space. Bianca is the operations manager of All Things Equal and a disability support worker, working with individuals to achieve their greatest ambitions. Having previously held numerous senior positions at not-for-profit disability organisations, Bianca is committed to supporting hundreds of young adults to gain purposeful employment and skills in mainstream workplaces.


  4. Project #4: Optional Donation to TFN