$150,000 donated to disadvantaged youth as community ends 23 years of supporting children

1 October 2019

The former management of St Thomas’ Childcare Centre Rozelle has donated more than $150,000 to support disadvantaged children as it marks the end of its 23 years of supporting children.

Jenny Cleary, President of the Parent Management Committee explained, “At the end of last year the Management Committee of St Thomas’ Childcare Centre were faced with a difficult change of circumstances outside its control. ”

According to Cleary, the premises which the Centre had leased from a church for a number of decades was suddenly not offered for renewal. This resulted in the volunteer parent management of the Centre ceasing with the bulk of children transitioning to another childcare operator. During this time, the parents came together and showed great support for the staff and volunteers that made up the Centre.

“We were overwhelmed by the gratitude expressed at how St Thomas’ Childcare Centre had helped nurture so many children in our community”, Cleary said.  “We are now at the final stage of winding up the former management entity from an administrative perspective, but before this journey officially comes to an end, we wanted to use our cash reserves to help many more, less fortunate, children and their families,” she said.

The parent-run Management Committee of the former St Thomas’ Childcare Centre Rozelle sought to distribute the funds to disadvantaged pre-school aged children and their families, and so participated in an event by The Funding Network on 25th September, through which the funds were a springboard for additional fundraising. A total of $260,000 was raised for the chosen charities.

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