A Night with The Funding Network- F & P Magazine

12 April 2021

The Funding Network held their first hybrid crowdfunding in April. Find out how much they raised and how they did it.

I log in at 5:45pm and am greeted by some toe-tapping 80s classics while I wait for the show to start from my couch (a sub-conscious reminder that in NSW it’s now legal to dance, perhaps?). It’s The Funding Network’s (TFN) first hybrid crowdfunding event held at AMP in Sydney, and online for those tuning in from their lounge rooms.  

Traditionally, TFN events are held in person with space and refreshments donated by a corporate partner. There’s always a bright energy in the room, fanned by an MC (and maybe a wine or two), as the crowd is entertained with three pitches from three inspiring, up-and-coming charities hoping to raise some much-needed funds and awareness of their cause. Afterwards, the fun begins with an auction-style pledging system where people can put forward their monetary support, ask others to match them, and outbid their colleagues and friends. TFN has managed to capture all the best bits of donating (the warm and fuzzies) and funnelled them into a two-hour super-charged event that generates an immense return for charities looking for much-needed funding. 

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