CEO Julie McDonald shares “the power of the collective” in empowering individuals to give – Third Sector

10 December 2019

In an interview with Third Sector Australia, TFN CEO Julie McDonald discusses the potential of ‘the power of the collective’ and why the model of live crowdfunding events is so effective in encouraging generosity.

The TFN model aims to make giving accessible to all individuals. By empowering anyone and everyone to contribute to their community in a meaningful way, small and often overlooked grassroots non-profits benefit the most. Julie McDonald says that TFN’s emphasis on small to medium charities, which account for 78 per cent of all non-profits in Australia but only obtain 3.4 per cent of the sectors total revenue, are often in the best position to understand and address the issues at the root of community problems.

“They also have lean operating costs and are deeply entrenched in their communities, having a direct and measurable impact on the people they serve.”

 In order to build the capacity of grassroots non-profit organisations, Julie McDonald said TFN started to explore new ways to expand the experience of giving to the wider social sector. This has come in the form of two new initiatives; Pitch Coaching Workshops and White Label Live Crowdfunding Events. These initiatives have had immense benefits for the charities that have successfully raised support and funds through these pitching opportunities.

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