Helping young people with mental health issues stay afloat – Sky News

13 April 2019

With mental health shaping up as a major election issue and the Coalition pledging an additional $22.5 million dollars to help tackle youth depression, Ocean Mind is doing its part by helping young people through 'surf therapy'. The organisation is one of TFN's charity alumni, with founder Rachael Parker pitching at TFN Live Geelong in April 2018 and successfully raising $22,400 to expand its program.

Founder Rachael Parker says the program is making great changes to the mental health of those involved, whilst also fostering connections to 'the community, the ocean and the environment'. The non-profit has teamed up with Deakin University to access the effectiveness of surfing as a therapeutic practice, already proving to have a major impact on young people struggling with mental health.

Ms Parker says she hopes the partnership with Deakin will offer more insights into the program, as well as increase Ocean Mind's 'reach' so that it can help more young people around the country.

Click here to watch Rachael Parker chat to Sky News anchor Jacinta Tynan about Ocean Mind and the benefits of surf therapy.