How giving models are changing the face of Philanthropy

22 June 2016




The Funding Network was featured in The Sydney Morning Herald's article about a new wave of collective giving. TFN is proud to be part of this trend of planned and purposeful philanthropy and hope to continue to have a big impact on Australia's small charities...

"Wendy Scaife is the project director of Giving Australia 2016, a project led by QUT's Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies along with the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University of Technology and the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs. It is Australia's largest study into giving and volunteering and was last updated 10 years ago.

"One of the key elements that we would see has changed in that past decade is the emergence of more collective giving," she says.

Those choosing to be "tribal" in their giving are motivated by a range of reasons.

"People tell us that they are stimulated by this; that they enjoy doing this together with kindred spirits; and that they learn by doing it; they learn more about their giving and they become more committed to giving and, if they can, giving not just the dollars but their time, their expertise, their voice, their connections, and that's the real philanthropy beyond the dollars."

"Another more recent development in collective giving is the event-based Funding Network where individuals, businesses and foundations, come together for a pitch event, says Scaife.

Three charities may pitch a particular project, for instance.

"Each of the groups is told they will be walking away with probably about $10,000 but typically they end up walking away with nearly $40,000 because there's a bit of excitement in the room."

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