Beddown to provide pop-up beds in carparks for the homeless – Sky News

14 March 2020

Norm McGillivray’s new program Beddown currently being piloted in Australia transforms disused carparks into temporary hotel rooms which provide shelter and dignity for those with no where else to go.

Currently there are more than 116,000 homeless people in Australia and of that number over 8,000 will ‘sleep rough’ each night. Mr McGillivray said he didn’t wanted to “replicate and duplicate” other services currently offered by charities and had chosen to start “something different” which would have a “meaningful impact”.

“One of our core foundations is about repairing the quality of life before building a life of quality”. “We bring in and collaborate with… doctors and nurses, Orange Sky Laundry, dentists, social workers and counsellors who look to restore dignity, respect, self-esteem and confidence,” Mr McGillivray told Sky News host Jacinta Tynan.

Click here to watch the full interview between Norm and Jacinta Tynan on Sky News after raising $73,200 at TFN Live Sydney in March 2020.