Making Tracks helps youth who fall through the cracks at school – Sky News

14 March 2020

Making Tracks CEO Julie Gill says mainstream school “does not work for every student,” and the kids who "fall through the cracks deserve the same opportunities as their counterparts” who slot easily into the conventional education system.

Ms Gill said the primary role of her organisation was to run a youth program for the two local high schools in Broken Hill, providing an innovative approach to learning that helped kids to “engage in education”. “We also look at life skills such as opening up bank accounts… and driving lessons,” she said.

Ms Gill said “there’s no one fix and no one solution,” but looking at “what the individual student needs” helps to instill direction and purpose in these youth. 

Click here to watch the full interview between Julie and Jacinta Tynan on Sky News after raising $66,000 at TFN Live Sydney in March 2020.