Offering free legal advice to those in need – Sky News

26 October 2019

Anika Legal is an online legal and education platform that provides vulnerable people in Melbourne’s communities with free legal advice. CEO and co-founder of Anika Legal Noel Lim was disheartened by the number of Australians who could not afford legal services, with 160 000 people being turned away from community legal services each year due to insufficient resources.

In its current pilot stage, Anika Legal specialises in tenancy rights and tenancy repair, offering a free service where landlords can be contacted by a lawyer on behalf of their clients.

At the same time, Anika Legal offers practical experience for law students who are passionate about helping members of the community access justice. Last year Australia had 40, 000 graduated law students creating more competition for legal work than ever. Anika Legal encourages students to connect with their clients and offer advice which is then checked by professional lawyers.

Click here to watch the full interview between Anika Legal CEO Noel Lim and Jacinta Tynan on Sky News after raising $25,200 at TFN Live Melbourne in October 2019.