The Funding Network's CEO Lisa Cotton.

The Funding Network has launched a new searchable database called the Roots of Change, which provides comprehensive information about more than 160 nonprofit organisations across Australia.

The Roots of Change storytelling platform provides comprehensive information about the 160 nonprofit organisations in The Funding Network’s alumni group, including providing pitch videos, stories and impact reports.

The information hub is designed to make it easier for foundations, businesses, journalists and other nonprofits to find organisations working in a particular area.

The database will also help the broader public to connect with organisations creating social change in areas such as homelessness, domestic violence, refugees and Indigenous rights.

“The Roots of Change hub is a fantastic resource. It will connect people with a variety of organisations, share how they’re making a positive difference in the community and provide an opportunity support their work,” TFN co-founder and CEO Lisa Cotton says.

“It gives a clearer picture of the grassroots nonprofit landscape in Australia, and it will foster collaboration between organisations with aligned missions and programs.”

The portal is an extension of The Funding Network’s live crowdfunding model, which has so far facilitated nearly $7 million in funding and in-kind support for over 160 organisations by connecting social entrepreneurs with audiences at live events.

The Funding Network launched in Australia in 2011 with the aim of helping innovative grassroots programs that lift up the most disadvantaged and marginalised members of society, inspired by the work of its counterpart in the UK.

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