You're Probably Not As Rich As You Think You Are - Huffington Post

12 September 2016

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By popular definition, to be 'rich' is to have a great deal of money or assets. That's wealth, isn't it? We're fed this message constantly, by advertising and by each other; accumulate a great deal of money and material possessions and these things will bring you satisfaction, high self-esteem and, ultimately, a good and happy life.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that the average full-time income is $81,900 per year. According to, this puts the average Australian worker in the top 1 percent of income earners on the planet.

So why is it that we're not among the happiest 1 percent?

Of course, there is that old adage that money doesn't bring happiness, but how many of us really believe that? We still spend so much of our lives striving to match society's expectations of what success should look like.

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