How to apply

Before you begin please read the following pages of this website: 


Applications are usually accepted until about eight weeks prior to each event, but do check the Upcoming Event pages for specific dates. TFN staff then perform due diligence by reviewing your application, legal status, finances, annual reports, websites, and often by speaking directly with the social entrepreneur, board members or their Advocate. 

A maximum of eight organisations are shortlisted for a 10-minute telephone interview with our selection panel about six weeks prior to the event. The selection panel is made up of representatives of the event partners, philanthropic or social sector experts and always one TFN executive or board director. Since passion and great presentations make a huge difference to the success of the pitches, each presenter is invited to outline their application over the phone, so the selection panel can hear from them directly and ask questions.

Finally, three or four organisations are selected as finalists and invited to a pitch coaching workshop about two weeks later, which leaves about another three weeks to prepare for the event.