TFN Virtual Live, 1 June 2021

TFN is thrilled to announce the next TFN Virtual Live which will take place on Tuesday 1 June 2021 with the support of our long-term event partner Accenture.

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 All registered guests will receive a link to access the event via Crowdcast before the event. If you have questions, please email  

Please note that 10% of funds raised is retained by TFN in agreement with the NFPs pitching as a contribution to our operational costs

  1. Project #1: LiteHaus International

    LiteHaus International is a Queensland-based organisation that exists to bridge 'digital divides and digitise dreams' throughout Australia and internationally. In Papua New Guinea, LifeHaus International's Digital Infrastructure Program established the first eight functional primary school computer labs in the country. They are pitching to increase funds for their Digital Inclusion Program to provide personal digital devices to marginalised students across rural and remote Queensland. 
    Meet the presenter: Jack Growden, Founder & CEO
    Jack Growden is Queensland's Emerging Philanthropist of the Year. Jack founded LiteHaus International to bridge the digital divide across the world. Providing more than 27,000 students with digital learning opportunities, Jack is an AMP Tomorrow Maker and one of Queensland’s Ten Most Inspiring People in 2020.
  2. Project #2: Scarf Community Organisation

    Scarf is a not-for-profit social enterprise that runs hospitality training, mentoring and paid work experience programs. For over ten years, Scarf has worked closely with the community sector and the hospitality industry to make employment more equitable for young people facing barriers to work. Since 2010 Scarf has partnered with over 100 Melbourne restaurants to transform hundreds of lives. They are pitching to run two 'Skill up with Scarf' programs, each providing trainee opportunities for 12 young people with employment barriers. 

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    Meet the presenter: Mir Bugti, Restaurant and Training Manager

    Mir graduated from Scarf's 10-week Autumn Seasonal Program at Rupert on in 2016 and since then his hospitality career has flourished. Most recently running the front-of-house at renowned Carlton restaurant Super Ling. Mir joined the Scarf Management team in mid-2020 to lead and inspire our future trainee cohorts.
  3. Project #3: RuffTRACK

    RuffTRACK leads transformational youth programs for young people aged 13-17 years old who have dis-engaged with school and the community. RuffTRACK provides skills, education and a sense of self-worth while reconnecting young people with their community. This program is based around working with a wide range of animals such as horses, dogs, alpacas and poultry. They are pitching to raise awareness for The Fablads Project which helps young participants learn valuable metal fabrication skills. 

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    Meet the presenter: David Graham, Co-Founder 

    David Graham AKA Farmer Dave is an internationally recognised dog training expert and Dog Trainer of the Year award recipient. He runs the number one dog sports and dog entertainment provider in Australia and appeared at most Royal and regional shows across Australia. He has made appearance on Big brother, Dancing with the Stars and Australian Story. Farmer Dave has used his platform to promote his passion for rural Australia, equality and mental health.