3 Strategies to Encourage Workplace Giving

12 January 2024

Insights from Evans & Partners’ Collaboration with The Funding Network

Evans and Partners partnered with The Funding Network (TFN) to host the 2023 Equity & Inclusion fundraising event in their Melbourne CBD offices. 

This collaboration aimed to kindle workplace giving, fostering a positive relationship between employers, employees, and charitable organisations.

Witnessing the Magic

Having attended previous TFN crowdfunding events, Paul Benveniste and Philip Anglin of Evans & Partners were impressed by the effective campaigns and funds raised for the presented charities. Witnessing the strengthened bonds between charity organisations and donors, they decided to integrate TFN into their workplace giving program.

Paul explains, “We had experienced first hand TFN’s ability to execute these events and gain extraordinary engagement between the partners and the non-profits."

Importance of Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnerships play a key role in advancing TFN’s mission to raise funds for grassroots non-profit organisations. For Paul and Phil, this partnership is mutually beneficial. The Funding Network’s crowdfunding events were a practical and interesting way to involve the Evans & Partners employees in philanthropic endeavours.

“As a firm, we actively encourage staff to dedicate their time to community led initiatives,” they confirm.

Evans and Partners' commitment to positive community impact is evident in their philanthropic fundraising and engagement activities. According to their Corporate Sustainability report, community contributions increased by an impressive 117% in the 2023 financial year compared to the previous year.

“This is not just a line in our mission statement," they add. "This is driven by our staff and encouraged as part of the ethos of management and the firm.”

The Role of Transparency

Transparency was paramount for Evans and Partners throughout the event. Key contributors to the trust and relationship built between the non-profit organisations and the employees included the high calibre of participating charities and having staff members involved in every stage of the selection process.

The positive momentum and extraordinary atmosphere of the crowdfunding event left a lasting impact on Evans & Partners' entire staff, fostering ongoing connections with the three non-profit leaders whose programs were funded.

“It has been great to receive updates on the charities and how the funds raised have made a difference,” says Phil. “That ongoing connection has been really important for us.”

3 Top Tips for a Successful Workplace Giving Event

Paul and Phil share their top 3 tips with other corporate organisations looking to engage their workforce in philanthropic workplace giving events: 

1. Get employees involved at all levels:

Engage staff on every level, making them feel invested in the event's success!

Visibility is key – talk about the fundraising events, and personally invite teams and individuals to participate.

2. Work with The Funding Network throughout the process

Invite staff to actively participate in event preparation, join the selection panel, or drum up support within peer groups.

Collaborate closely with TFN to support employees in making a positive impact, including introducing donation matching during the event.

3. Align with the values of the organisation

There are a lot of different needs in the community. Decide what issues resonate with your organisation. From there, work hand-in-hand with The Funding Network to fund non-profit organisations that address those issues. 

The Power of Collaborative Philanthropy

The story of Evans & Partners' journey with The Funding Network paints a picture of the transformative power of collaborative philanthropy in the workplace – a tale where positive energy and collective efforts create waves of change on all levels!

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