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22 January 2024


At The Funding Network (TFN), we recognise the transformative power of collaboration in expanding and fortifying your support networks. We work with other non-profits in Australia to assist them in achieving their fundraising objectives through utilising our innovative TFN live crowdfunding model. Unlike conventional sit-down fundraisers with their high associated costs, our model offers a high-energy, celebratory event that maximises impact for both the non-profits and their donors.

In 2016, Women for Change was born with a powerful mission: to empower women through education. The belief is simple but profound – educate a woman, and you transform a community, uplift a country, and open the door to a brighter future for all of humanity. Through education, they are shaping a future where empowered women are at the forefront of positive change.

The organisation worked with TFN to drive their fundraising efforts with a live crowdfunding event in May 2023 to raise awareness and financial support for various local tertiary education projects worldwide. Each project tells a unique story of how education is transforming women's lives and communities.

Kylie Maddern, then General Manager of Women for Change, gives her top three tips for grassroots non-profit organisations to grow their funding networks and scale their offerings:

1. Highlight the Importance of Donating

Help your donors to understand how their support makes a difference by bringing them as close as possible to the beneficiaries of their donations.

“The TFN event style is a very inclusive way for people to learn about what we do and to engage in supporting the students,” explains Maddern. For her, the style of a TFN event is uniquely suited to the Women of Change projects. “The power of ‘all of us’ to make a difference in the lives of young women through education is fully evident and the virtual event delivery allows them to direct their donations to the students that they identify with the most.”

2. Foster a Sense of Community

Encourage your donors to join with you in a community of supporters to work together with you to improve outcomes. 

The key to success of any funding event for Women for Change is bringing together communities and being able to show the tangible outcomes. The TFN model excels at actively bridging the gap between funders and recipients, making the experience more enriching and engaging.

“We are confident that the live crowdfunding style will bring the audience joy which in turn prompts them to support where they can at the event,” Kylie confirms. “And this then trickles down to further support at a later date without any obligation.” 

3. ‘Dream Big’

Set your goals and make them happen.

The social impacts of the global Women for Change projects funded through the TFN partnered event in May are nothing short of extraordinary. Here are some highlights:

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