The Power of Sisterhood

25 May 2015

The sisterhood showed its heart when TFN, in collaboration with CommBank's Women in Focus and the Women Donors Network, hosted its fifth live collective giving event for 2015 – raising over $111,000 in less than an hour to support four outstanding social change projects focused on gender-wise giving. 

The projects pitching shared a common theme: to promote and protect the rights and opportunities of women and girls.  Each project pitched for six minutes to a crowd of around 150 prospective supporters.  We heard from Kookaburra Kids Foundation, Pollinate Energy, Women's Community Shelters and Enterprise Learning Projects as they ignited the room with their passion and programs addressing mental health, renewable energy, domestic violence and Indigenous social enterprise.

The event aimed to look at the issues through a ‘female lens’ and the room, overwhelmingly  comprising women and girls, quickly developed a unique ambiance. During the pledging session at least 70% of attendees donated to support the projects, raising critical funding and an immeasurable amount of goodwill for the presenting projects. 

The room buzzed long after the pledging ended as networks were shared, new friends were made and old friendships were strengthened. 

See more about the event here